Amba Reohorn

19, United Kingdom

My Curl  The curls of Aphrodite: The undone wavy texture is created from loosened braids that can also be worn as braids. Inspired by the 80s and perfected for the here and now. Sensuously paired with a generous dose of joie de vivre.

Magic Shadow Trio Mystic Cashmere
Eye Performer True Marble
Daily Care Lipstick


Curl Protect & Style: Thermoactive curling iron spray with heat protection.
Beach Effect Styling Spray: Sea salt spray for more texture.
Transformer: Styling and conditioning cream.

Styling & Make-up:

1. Curl Protect & Style

SKU# 110055

Quick Overview

For perfectly conditioned curls: Curl Protect & Style protects the hair thanks to innovative heat protection technology and gives the curls shine and long-lasting durability.


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