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Beauty Base

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The mattifying make-up base gives you a magically fresh and delicate complexion.

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Natural skin beauty!

This make-up base features an enchantingly soft texture with light and above all, even distribution that surrounds the skin like a silk scarf. The delicate soft Beauty Base provides a perfect make-up foundation to ensure an easier, longer lasting make-up application. Upon application, shiny areas of skin are rapidly mattified. The delicate apricot shade instantly and like magic, gives your face more freshness so that your complexion looks even, full and flawless. The Make-up Base formulation visually refines the pores and perfects the complexion. Beauty Base is enriched with protective Vitamin E and a UV filter which protects the skin against damaging environmental influences. Jojoba oil and shea butter are hypoallergenic, conditioning and protect the skin from dehydration. Beauty Base magically gives you a complexion as fresh and soft as an apricot. Beautiful!

The mattifying make-up base gives you a magically fresh and delicate complexion.

• Jojoba oil and shea butter: conditions and protects against moisture lossVitamin E: protects against damaging environmental influencesUV filter: protects against damaging sun exposure

Evenly apply Beauty Base directly to the skin or over a customised day care. The make-up base can be used alone or under your usual foundation.

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