Methode clarifiante

Synergy care for oily skin

It doesn’t take long to achieve clear and unblemished skin: with the right cleansing and care the skin feels fresh and its natural balance is restored...

Méthode Vitalisante

Help! It feels tight!

The scalp feels tight, the hair is lacklustre and repeatedly the scalp suffers from a slight itchiness. Particularly women suffer from a dry scalp.

Methode Relaxante

Protective shield for sensitive skin

A healthy skin has a natural barrier layer. This must be protected from environmental influences such as pollutants, sun exposure and cold. 

Natural Cosmetic

Natural, lasting beauty

La Biosthétique has developed the beauty care Natural Cosmetic to combine biological purity with luxurious pampering. La Biosthétique guarantees its ingredients... 

Skin Care


Do you want a fresh, radiant complexion and a youthful glow? A good moisture balance is one of the most important factors for a healthy skin that attracts admiring glances...