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Less isn’t always more, at least when it comes to women’s hair.

A first date, a cool party or a gala dinner all require your hair to look sexy. But sometimes, women simply want more than to just look good. They want to bowl men over, make them turn their heads and wrap them around their little finger with the weapons only possessed by a woman. And seductively, long hair is important for this. But it’s not just enough for it to be long. It also has to be healthy, shiny and have volume. Of course, shine is sexy and volume represents pure seduction. And doesn’t every woman want to be sexy and seductive?

But long hair often displays considerable structural differences. Particularly the lengths and tips have often been subjected to stress factors. The most common of these is exposure to hot blow-drying and countless brush and comb strokes. But the wrong shampoo or unsuitable care products can also result in lifeless hair. But how can you give long, and possibly fine and lifeless, hair sensuous body? Hairdressers know exactly how. With a hairdryer and round brush they magically give incredible body and shine in a flash. To ensure that you can also do this at home, the clever product development team of La Biosthétique has added another sensation care product to its special and highly effective hair care range Cheveux Longs: the brand-new Volumising Spa Shampoo. It balances out structural differences during washing, increases volume and develops brilliant shine. And the scent? Simply breath-taking …

A tip from Klaus Obrecht, La Biosthétique Product Manager:

"After washing with Volumising Spa Shampoo don't rub the hair dry, but gently wring it out with the help of a towel. This protects the hair structure. A great support for hair growth is the Intensive Activating Lotion. The highly effective hair lotion accelerates the growth and supports the formation of strong and stress-resistant hair. The Volumising Lotion gives additional body and durability. Simply spray into towel-dried hair before blow-drying and then gently blow-dry into shape, preferably with your head down and then with the right brush. This instantly makes it look more voluminous".

1. Intensive Activating Lotion

SKU# 120438

Quick Overview

This scalp lotion stimulates the cell activity in the hair roots and accelerates hair growth. It also supports the formation of stable, strong hair.


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