Clear & Classic

The clearer the complexion, the better for the eye make-up to be the focus of this look: founded with Beauty Base, finished with Teint Naturel and Cover & Light and lightened under the eyes - the rest is eyeliner.


The complexion should be very clear for this look sothat the extravagant eye make-up forms the focus. To achieve this, first apply the slightly mattifying Beauty Base to the complexion. Then apply e.g. Teint Naturel for a perfectly flawless complexion. Teint Correcteur is a good choice for concealing additional colour unevenness. Lighten the face under the eyes and the top lids with Cover & Light. Dust on the new Extreme Stay Powder according to the skin tone and fix the foundation.

Eyes/ Eyebrows

A classic that is constantly reinterpreted at fashion shows - eyeliner. This year everybody's going to be wearing one of the various shades of blue. Classically modelled and slightly curving upwards, the eyes are skilfully presented with Eye Performer True Royal Blue or Eye Performer True Winter Green. The intensity of the eyeliner, whether as a clear line or blended slightly outwards, depends on your style. To ensure the eyeliner remains the focus, just shape the lashes with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner and fix them with a curve upwards. A clear focus on shape and colour - excitingly fashionable and yet suitable for everyday wear! To complete the eyemake-up, vigorously brush the eyebrows upwards and, if needed, fill in little gaps with Automatic Pencil for Brows in a matching colour.

Cheeks/ Shaping

To give the face the necessary freshness, apply a little Tender Blush, for example Tender Blush Soft Orange, which matches the colour of the Sensual Lipstick G 324 Sunset Orange, to the middle of the cheeks and blend outwards to the ear. The smile technique helps you to find the right position for the blusher.


For this look the lips are given just a hint of colour for the nude look with the new Sensual Lipstick G 324 Sunset Orange. Depending on the skin tone, your own lip colour and colour type, other nude shades from the Belavance make-up range can also be used. It looks particularly beautiful and fashionable when the client's own lip colour still shimmers through the lipstick and thus the lips look very delicate and almost unmade-up.


Modulator: Shaping modelling paste for textured looks with a silky matte effect.

1. Eye Performer True Winter Green

SKU# 017994

Quick Overview

The waterproof eyeliner Eye Performer features an ultra-soft texture with unbeatable colour intensity for spectacular performance and radiant eyes – for lasting beauty.
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