Collection Autumn - Winter 2015/16

Here it is, the new autumn and winter collection by La Biosthétique, our interface between culture, handcraftsmanship and nature. Realised by masters who, unlike sculptors, do not make creations for eternity, but for the fleeting moment that we call fashion. For beauty. For harmony. For uniqueness. For the here and now.

The new collection fully honours the La Biosthétique philosophy: Total Beauty, for hair, make-up, care and styling.

Feminine, naturally beautiful, romantically playful, yet sometimes androgynous: our new collection features different hair textures, from wavy to sleek, but also a traditional braided look and a simple and reduced knotted look - because often less is more. The hair colours are perfect yet natural, consistent yet playful with lots of shine, with natural reflexes and shades.

Nature and beauty

Is it harmony that attracts us? Most definitely. Just like its opposite: an explosive rupture, things that are special and unique. What fits together perfectly. And what stands out perfectly. Perfection enchants us, much like the charm within flaws. The perfection within imperfection. The finished product should give us space to let our imagination grow.In addition to a lot of other things, Auguste Rodin is the greatest master of this paradox. He celebrates it in many of his sculptures, the non finito, the unfinished, that only finds completion in the thoughts and feelings of its observer. At the same time, he was perhaps the most accomplished observer of nature. " To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature ", he said, " I invent nothing, I rediscover ". It is this spirit of artistic observation that has inspired us - and where can we better capture this than in the midst of the works of the master in the Musée Rodin near Paris?


Style is the sum of decisions about which message I want to transmit. Now. At first, second and third glance. It is what I say before I speak. My nature and my culture. The La Biosthétique Collection for autumn and winter 2015 / 16 combines international trends with the pillars of our philosophy of Total Beauty - creativity and perfect handcraftsmanship, premium natural products and devotion to individuality: every single hairstyle, but also every single day and every occasion, with countless opportunities for variable hairstyles and looks. Because every day gives us the freedom to make new decisions. Style is not a question of trends. But uses them and unites with fashion to be completely in the here and now. It creates a unit of personality and presence - of inner and outer being.

This is what the new collection conveys: to every day once again make the decision to be an artist of your own life. That is the Culture Of Total Beauty.

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Autumn - Winter 2015/16

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