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Curls you will fall in love with

La Biosthétique has developed a care and styling range that focuses on the needs of curly and wavy hair: CURL, a range of four products, that fulfil the needs of demanding curly hair. It creates great curl definition, perfect curl control and beautiful shine in the hair.

The care and styling products feature a blend of sophisticated ingredients that soothes the structure of frizzy hair, reduces frizz and gathers the hair into beautiful, shiny waves. Tired curls are revived and re-energised and are given bounce and flexible hold.

The products of the CURL range – shampoo, curl booster, spray fresh-up and styling cream – condition and enhance the curls after just one single application.

Curl Care Shampoo

The gentle care shampoo uses mild surfactants and sea salt to cleanse the hair without destroying its natural protective and conditioning properties. At the same time, the product supplies the hair with long lasting moisture, the cuticle is smoothed and frizziness is reduced. A special amino acid strengthens the structure and stimulates the hair metabolism. The result of every shampoo: freshness, stylability and re-energised curls.

Curl Activator

This leave-in curl booster spray activates the energy of every single curl and provides a defined, dynamic and expressive texture – without annoying frizziness. The spray intensively binds moisture, stabilises the hydrogen bonds and strengthens the hair from within. Another bonus: a UV filter protects the chemical bonds in the hair from damaging sun exposure and prevents the sensitive curls from becoming structurally damaged.

Styling tip from Alexander Dinter, International Creative  Director at La Biosthétique

“This booster makes all curly styles possible. If I want a very natural result, I work with a diffuser attachment on the hairdryer to prevent tousling the hair too much. I can create well defined curls or waves if, prior to blow-drying, I wind individual thick strands around my finger and pin them up until the hair is dry."

Curl Saver

The perfect product for refreshing curls in the morning or during the day. SAVER CURL restores the curls’ original shape and disciplines frizzy sections to turn them back into finely defined waves. The NMF provides intensive protection against moisture loss when you blow-dry the hair again. The hair is given a fresh shape, shine and vitality.

Curl Defining Cream

This glossing cream is suitable as a styling product in damp hair, as well as for finishing a curly style in freshly dried hair. It provides perfectly defined curls without frizziness that stay in shape all day long, even under difficult conditions such as high humidity or extreme changes in weather. With valuable Moroccan argan oil, the DEFINING CREAM CURL intensively conditions the hair and gives it shine and softness.

Application tip from Alexander Dinter, International Creative Director at La Biosthétique

“Simply rub a dose of cream between the palms to suit the quantity of hair, to style apply to damp hair, preferably working in strand by strand, and air-dry or dry with a diffuser. At any time, you can work a small amount into dry hair as a finishing product."