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Detangling Spa Spray

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“Easy comb” spray smoothens the hair structure, particularly of long hair, gives it softness and a brilliant shine – instantly.


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Combability + shine booster

All women with long hair are familiar with the annoying combing and detangling of their sensitive manes after washing. But Detangling Spa Spray makes it very simple. The unique hair care spray contains a powerful portion of active ingredients. A highly effective silk hydrolysate surrounds the aged lengths and tips and instantly and noticeably improves their structure. Fine oil from the Peruvian Sacha inchi nut, combined with a very high content of conditioning alpha linolenic acid and protective Vitamin E, surround the hair in silky softness. Annoying tangles are lastingly prevented and finally combs can gently glide through hair without any resistance. The hair is wonderfully smooth and shiny. In addition, there is the exclusive Cheveux Longs scent, which emanates pure sensuality – all day long!

“Easy comb” spray smoothens the hair structure, particularly of long hair, gives it softness and a brilliant shine – instantly.

  • Highly effective silk hydrolysate: improves the structure of stressed lengths and tips
  • Peruvian Sacha inchi nut, alpha linolenic acid and Vitamin E: strengthen the lipid layer, give it resistance and shine and prevent tangles
  • Special moisture factors: make the hair soft and provide it with perfect stylability

Shake before use! After washing, spray Detangling Spa Spray into damp hair, gently detangle or comb the hair, leave on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse.

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3 Customer Reviews for Detangling Spa Spray

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Excellent for damaged hair
Review by Magda
I had very damaged hair after dying them blond at home. It git to the stage where even after applying hair masks conditioner and oils after washing my hair I couldn't brush them when wethey they were so knotted. I happen to meet a lovely lady from la biosthetique at my hair salon and she advised me on this product, done professional treatment on my hair and now I am continuing it at home using silk shampoo, detangling spray and hair masz for damaged hairs and this combination worked miracles! My hair are looking healthy, are strong, combe easily! Tried many different products from other brands but nothing has worked as good as laptop biosthetique combo! Highly recommended!!!
Review by Hanna
I did a haircut and hair color in a salon and they used this product there. After the impressive result, I bought this spray to try at home. It is honestly the best what I tried on my hair. I have long hair and often it is hard to brush them, but this product made my hair very soft, shiny, and easy to brush. I love it!!! Now I'm trying to find it and buy in Toronto because that was in Ukraine. Everybody should try it!
Product review
Review by Bev
Excellent product - did what it was advertised to do

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