It's a Woman's World & Smart Glamour

The autumn and winter looks are infinitely variable - with the right styling they offer the perfect look for every day and every occasion. Just a few little techniques create a brand - new hairstyle. Because every day is beautiful in a different way.

It’s A Woman’s World

With such androgynous styling, the short hair look presents a new and exciting facette: strong and beautiful with a hint of mystery.

Dry Hair Shampoo & Conditioner: for very dry, stressed hair.
Formule Laque Fine: aerosol fine hairspray for body, volume and weightless hold.
Classic Gel: classical gel with strong hold.

Smart Glamour

A shiny look for a strong lady, simple and yet timelessly glamorous: another androgynous look that is also full of feminine power.

Classic Gel: classical gel with strong hold.

The styling products:

1. Classic Gel

SKU# 110907

Quick Overview

The styling gel gives your hair that certain je ne sais quoi with strong, elastic hold.


Delivery Time 1-3 Werktage

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