Forme Actif

Defined curves!

Ivory skin, firm legs, tight buttocks and a full décolleté — the dream of all women (and men).

Women want to enjoy their feminine features for as long as possible. But as we get older, the skin’s appearance changes. Its surface becomes dry, wrinkly and then loses resilience it once had — deep wrinkles develop and often, unattractive age spots start to appear. But the nightmare of every woman is cellulite, which resembles the texture of orange peel. The truth is: more than 90 percent of all women suffer from unattractive dents on their legs, buttocks and even arms. This is due to the special structure of female connective tissue and fat cells. As a result, this makes women more exposed to a weakening of the tissue. This is when the ageing enemy takes this opportunity to invade the skin’s tissue. So, we are often asked by customers -"Is there no remedy?" Oh yes, there is! You can do more to fight these dents than you might think.

The new firming products from the cell-active intensive body range DERMOSTHETIQUE FORME-ACTIF feature a revolutionary active ingredient complex and highly effective plant ingredients for tighter skin, more firmness and visibly fewer dents. The all-body concept tackles the root of the problem — ageing of the skin cells. This is where the natural formulas, which are specially designed to treat the respective problem of the body’s skin, develop their ultimate effect — care with a medical component.

All four products are geared towards an effective body contouring and have one secret:

The Essential Cell Boost Factor — a combination of plant extracts from Chlorella green algae and white lupin — results in a regeneration of the cells, tighter tissue and ultra-elastic skin. The cell-active energy and moisturising active ingredient from the cell energy cocktail adenosine triphosphate combined with algin and papaya extract energises, moisturises the skin and makes it look plump and fresh. So you can simply banish all your problems with a cream? With DERMOSTHETIQUE FORME-ACTIF this is now really easy.

Inge Metzger - Skin care Product Manager of La Biosthétique Paris

“For everyone who wants to actively get their body in shape, I recommend using the complete range from Dermosthétique Forme-Actif. Every product is designed to treat a specific region of the body. And only if all measures have been regularly performed, an improvement can occur in its appearance. Ideally, you should apply the products twice a day with circling motions in order to stimulate the circulation and detoxification process. Attention ladies: the hand cream is also very suitable for men. My tip: treat yourself to a pampering appointment with the new products in your La Biosthétique salon."

The complete range for a firm and sleek silhouette:

Traitement Corps

A genuinely talented multitasker with twice the power!

The figure-refining body emulsion not only helps you to achieve a firm and sexy silhouette, but also supplies you with a healthy moisture boost and a dual effect for the whole body: first, a cell-active regenerative active ingredient complex boosts the skin’s stress resistance with new energy and results in a daily tightening effect and a firmer skin tone. Then, a cell-active energising and moisturising active ingredient provides intensive care and lots of moisture.

Traitement Décolleté

How about a smooth décolleté?

The gentle alternative to a cosmetic operation — and completely pain-free. The neck and bust area is particularly prone to fine lines. Only one thing helps: practice early prevention with an extra portion of special care. The light emulsion firms and lifts the skin of the neck and décolleté, visibly pads the bust and thus results in an instant and natural enlargement effect — for an irresistible cleavage.

Traitement Silhouette

With the power of highly dosed caffeine and more!

Natural caffeine, Indian painted nettle and papaya extracts — these highly effective multitaskers are unbeatable in battling stubborn cellulite and make this cooling anti-cellulite gel an essential and integral part of daily body care. Flushes out toxins, accelerates the breakdown of fats and also blocks the formation of new fat cells. After just a few weeks, you can look forward to a measurable result.

Traitement Mains

When your hands need a helping hand

Hands are often neglected. Treating dry, chapped skin that is prone to wrinkles and also concealing unattractive brown age spots is no mean feat. That’s why it’s time to: focus on the hands — ideally, as a preventative treatment several times a day. How reassuring that the combination of innovative, cell-active active ingredients and a plant repair and protection complex give stressed skin new resistance, protect it against further loss of elasticity, supply intensive, deeply regenerative moisture and visibly reduce pigment disorders.

Let the tight times begin!