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New radiance: Fresh spring cheeks thanks to Lips& Cheeks and shiny metallic rose lips enter into a delicate liaison and conjure up spring on pale winter skin.


Who doesn't dream of a delicate porcelain complexion? First remove the grey veil of winter with a gentle face scrub. Then apply plenty of moisture. Apply Teint Naturel in a light shade, e.g. No. 12, and conceal shadows and unevenness with Cover&Light. Whoever would like an even more radiant complexion can additionally apply highlights to forehead, nose and chin with Glow Base SPF 10.


This season’s eyebrows are expressive, full, but not dominant and definitely not dark. Fill in the eyebrows with Automatic Pencil for Brows, which is fast, easy and long-lasting.This no make-up look is very subtle on the eyes, which is why you should even out the whole eyelid with Cover&Light. Then apply Magic Shadow Mono 38 Cappuccino over the whole lid and add emphasis to the crease. The eyes look bigger if you emphasise the bottom edge of the lid with cappuccino brown. Depending on the customer wish or eye shape, you can softly thicken the lashes with Pencil for Eyes in brown or grey.This works for lashes that are very carefully shaped with Mascara Perfect Volume Black. To transform your look into a fashionable evening make-up, you just have to apply Eye Performer True Khol to the inside lid and add a more intense application of mascara.


Softly made-up eyes allow your cheeks to play the leading role in this look. The new type of creamy texture of the 2 in 1 Lips & Cheeks Daily Rose makes it incredibly easy to apply. The shade Daily Rose ingeniously adapts to every skin tone and gives your face some magical spring freshness. Use your fingers to apply some product to the middle of the cheeks and generously blend the shade in circling motions. For a more intense colour result, simply repeat this process until you have reached the desired colour intensity. Apply Lips&Cheeks Daily Rose to the lips for a very modern, matte lip make-up.


Whoever prefers the wet look for their lips can use Sensual Lipstick G 326 Sandy Rose. This beige rose enhances your natural lip colour, matches every look and simply gives you beautiful, cared for and full lips.


The nails take charge in a vibrant, fruity raspberry shade. This shade was inspired by a raspberry and strawberry smoothie. To protect the nails from discoloration and balance out unevenness, first apply a coat of Brilliant Nail Base & Top Coat to the nails. Before you apply the nail colour, let the base coat dry well. To really bring out the raspberry shade, apply two coats of Brilliant Nail Smoothie Pink. For a shiny finish, seal the colour with a coat of Brilliant Nail Base & Top Coat.

1. Lips & Cheeks

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Ideal for rapidly creating a wide-awake look and refreshing the complexion: Ultra-fine silky blusher for lips and cheeks. Melts into the skin when you apply it.


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