Make-up Look 2

I to Eye

A modern version of smoky eyes: the coloured eyeshadow creates the accent very soft and yet infinitely expressive.


The complexion for this look should be soft and clear. Apply Beauty Base to the face and then apply Teint Naturel 12 Skin to create an even and flawless complexion.

Eyes/ Eyebrows

The eyebrows remain subtle and are filled in and shaped with the matching Automatic Pencil for Brows. Then fix with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner. The top lid sets the tone for this look, whilst the bottom lid is ideally without eyeshadow and mascara. The exciting shades of the new Magic Shadow Trio Mystic Cashmere enable a wide range of colour combinations and intensities. The fresh apricot on the first third of the lid makes the eyes shine. The eyelid is shaped with Frosted Pine, and the colour intensity is adjusted to the customer’s wishes and look. Night Blue is applied to the outer corner of the eye and blended into Frosted Pine. The Smart Liner Hazy Green cleverly reflects the golden sparkle of the eye’s iris, which offsets the shine in the eyes. Apply along the top lashes and, depending on the desired intensity of the look, make the line either wider or narrower, but it should widen towards the outside. Perfect Volume Black is applied to the lashes.

Cheeks/ Shaping

With such expressive eyes, you only need a hint of freshness on the cheeks. Contouring Powder 02 can be used to softly emphasise the facial contours. The dark shade of the powder trio is applied below the cheekbones. This gives the facial contour more depth. The blusher shade magically freshens up the face. As a special highlight the light shade is applied above the blusher to create a subtle glow.


With so much focus on the eyes, softly shimmering lips with Hydro Gloss Tangerine are the perfect complement. 

1. Contouring Powder 02

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Quick Overview

The contouring powder tightens the facial contours and rejuvenates the features.


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