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The highlight is the eyeliner, but the monochromatic look is also effective because of the soft freshness and shiny lips.


The complexion for this look should be delicate and fresh, like a hint of nothingness. Lightness under the eyes, the middle of the forehead, the middle of the chin and shading under the cheekbones and jawbones contour the face and make it look lively and youthful. Whoever would like a sunny shade on the skin can use Glow Base with SPF 10 or the light, transparent sun compact make-up Summer Touch with SPF 30 to sufficiently protect the skin from the first sun rays.


Perfect the shape of the eyebrows with the matching Automatic Pencil for Brows and fill them in, but stick to a light shade. Then fix the eyebrow shape with Care& Fix Lash Conditioner. Magically erase under-eye bags with Cover&Light, which makes the eyes look awake and bright. Then thoroughly apply Magic Shadow Mono 38 Cappuccino as a base to the entire eyelid, which makes them look nice and even with a soft depth. Applying the cappuccino brown base to the eyes is the perfect complement to the cool freshness of Eye Performer True Mint. Draw a fairly thick line along the top edge of the lashes and make it look softer and more smudged towards the inside corner of the eye. The fashionable effect is created by the soft connection of the top and bottom eyeliner in the inside corner of the eye. The outer bottom corner of the eye is lightly shaped with cappuccino brown before just the top lashes are emphasised with Mascara Perfect Volume Black.


Fresh, rosy cheeks are this season’s top theme. It’s incredibly easy with the new 2-in-1 product Lips &Cheeks Daily Rose. For the perfect application smile and then apply the creamy Lips & Cheeks Daily Rose to the highest point of the cheeks and stroke upwards to the temples in circling motions. Multiple applications can create a more intense blusher.


The new Hydro Gloss Light Beige looks fashionably elegant. It is applied to the lips like a shimmering spring coat and subtly stages them, not just during the day, but also during the evening.


The new Brilliant Nail Nude gives nails an air of cool understatement — perfect for both day and night. This goes best with short nails that are filed into an oval shape. For a more intense colour application apply two coats and leave enough time for each one to dry.

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Ideal for rapidly creating a wide-awake look and refreshing the complexion: Ultra-fine silky blusher for lips and cheeks. Melts into the skin when you apply it.


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