Hairstyle glamour and dream gowns in Paris

The amazing show of the German fashion label Lana Mueller Couture at the La Biosthétique headquarters    

Such a glamorous start to the Paris Fashion Week! During the Paris Fashion Week (28 February to 8 March 2017), the world’s most exclusive fashion houses presented their new autumn-winter 2017/18 collections in the French metropolis.  On Friday evening, a German label presented one of the highlights of the many shows: Lana Mueller Couture! For the first time ever, the two Berlin-based designers and founders of the label, Lana Mueller and Gelena Roizen,  staged their dreamy creations at the River Seine.  

Everything was amazing – not only the gowns, but also the location: The show took place at the elegant La Biosthétique headquarters in Rue de Tilsitt where guests enjoyed a unique view of the Arc de Triomphe, one of the city’s landmarks. La Biosthétique not only provided a unique setting, but also styled the models for the show at their impressive premises. Star stylist Alexander Dinter and his team of experts, including Kathrin Zenk, Dashni Krasnici, Christian Fritzenwanker and Theo Dimitri, pooled all their passion and know-how to create amazing hairstyles to match the designers’ magically feminine creations. Elegant up-dos, styled with a side parting – haute couture for the hair! Cyrill Zen from Munich worked with stylists Annett Eßer and Maryam Zarai to create the matching make-up looks. The focus: red lips! 

In addition, numerous star bloggers such as Riccardo Simonetti, Nina Suess, Milena Le Secret, Jannid and Emitaz waxed lyrical about the experts’ amazing styling creations. They first attended a big blogger shooting where they wore Lana Mueller Couture and were styled for the show, where they later took their places in the front row.

Merci beaucoup for this wonderfully elegant day!  


La Biosthétique meets Lana Muelelr