Behind the scenes of the Berlin Fashion Week.

For the second time running, La Biosthétique was the beauty partner of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week from 3 to 5 July in Berlin.

It’s unmistakably summer in Berlin. Temperatures are rising to 33 degrees on the streets. The perfect setting for the 15 designers who are presenting their spring and summer fashion at this season’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW). It is  also a big challenge for the team of La Biosthétique Paris, headed by International Creative Director Alexander Dinter and International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll from New York. Under their direction, the team created the corresponding looks for every collection and its underlying philosophy – and the looks had to feature perfect staying power in Berlin-Mitte’s packed E-Werk location.

Beauty expert of MBFW

15 designers in three days. This was no mean feat for the MBFW beauty team. They completed this task with flying colours under the creative and conceptual direction of Alexander Dinter and Steffen Zoll. The team consisted of international La Biosthétique hairstylists and beauty experts of the MBFW because, just like in January for the autumn/winter shows, La Biosthétique is once again the exclusive beauty partner of the MBFW. 

Instagram moments #LaBioLovesFashion #mbfwBeautyExpert  

The wonderful moments of the La Biosthétique stylists, models, fashion brands and visitors to the shows were posted on Instagram with the hashtags #LaBioLovesFashion and #mbfwBeautyExpert, and capture a little of the atmosphere of MBFW.   

Coming soon #FashionWeekFavorite #LightDefiningCream

The favourite product of Fashion Week in Berlin? The new Light Defining Cream! This was used for practically every hair look at the MBFW, and provides weightless styling and a natural finish with silky shine. Light Defining Cream controls and defines the hair, and is suitable for all hair lengths and types.

Backstage & Runway insights in the video:

The fashion shows and beauty looks of MBFW

Botter (Tuesday 2 July – 10:00 am)  

Colourful plastic fish on the head, oversized silk blousons, elegant ties with chunky boots and several stacked baseball caps. The Antwerp-based avant-garde label combines societal topics and humour in an eye-catching, young collection.

“Natural Afro” hairstyle
The most important maxim of this look was for the hair to keep its naturalness. Only its existing Afro shape was optimised with Luxury Spa Oil, and thus supported in its sculptural shape.     

“Fresh Red” make-up:  

To match the very young, fresh fashion, an unconventional make-up was developed, which plays with various shades of red, including Cream Gloss in Hibiscus on the eyelids and lips, which provides unconventional shine. Sensual Lipstick Matt Red Tulip was used for another purpose – as blusher.

Maisonnoée Berlin (Tuesday 2 July – 1:00 pm)  

The Berlin-based label once again manages to present femininity in a classic yet modern way. The new collection, which predominantly features black and white, impresses with its fashionable stringency that makes the garments look timeless yet very fashionably up-to-date.

“Romantically Casual” hair look
A very natural, romantically playful shape of the hair was created by a combination of braids and an undone messy bun. The hair was given its silkiness by Light Defining Cream, whilst Beach Effect Styling Spray added texture.  

“Lying Braid” hair look

A casual beach look on the runway: On the right side a very natural kind of braid, the asymmetry of which forms the rounded off technical element, which wonderfully matches the collection.  

“Morning Dew” make-up: 

A light, transparent look with a hint of rosé and pink shades that looks like a “moist rose petal in the morning” as Steffen Zoll describes it. Teint Frais was worked into the skin with the hands for an even complexion, the cheeks and eyes were given a soft red with Tender Blush in Passion Rose & Mystic Red – a highlight was applied to the inside corners of the eyes with Silky Eyes in Soft Coral, and fixed with Magic Shadow in Crystal Gold.

Lena Hoschek (Tuesday 2 July – 4:00 pm)  

The Austrian’s new summer collection features the motto “Tutti Frutti”. As expected, colourful and varied tropical motifs and fruity prints grace the catwalk.

“Ponytail with hairband” hair look  
The purposely casual and girlish hairstyle looked magically sunny. The high ponytails, which were fluffed up with Powder Spray, perfectly complemented the playful designs of Lena Hoschek. These were teamed with structured messy buns and voluminous Afro styles, supported by colourful “Tutti Frutti” look silk bands, which designer Lena Hoschek personally draped around the models’ heads.  

“Bronze Complexion” make-up 
The La Biosthétique beauty team created the slightly tanned complexion with a combination of Teint Naturel and Earth Glow Gel. Warm, earthy accents on the eye with Eyeshadow Pen Brown Cinnamon completed the fresh beach girl look. Sunny naturalness and lightness was created with soft blusher accents brushed on to the cheekbones with Tender Blush Mystic Red and delicately dabbed on Soft Lipstick Fresh Coral lip colour.

Greenshowroom (Tuesday 2 July – 7:00 pm)  

The selection of the Greenshowroom, in which 38 completely different looks were presented, was about ecologically responsible, 100 percent sustainably produced fashion.

“Individual Styling” hair look  
Here, too, the maxim was about making the styling look absolutely natural. In keeping with the “Versatility” theme, the wide range of existing hairstyles of the numerous models were not changed, but always updated to match the individual types.  

“Editorial” make-up  
The goal of the overall look was modern and editorial green fashion. That is why a funky, striking make-up was developed, which is based on a sunny, healthy looking base with Teint Frais and Silky Mineral Powder. In addition, every model was given a colourful element with pop character around the eyes in bright, striking colours. The lips were given a hint of transparent shine with Traitement Lèvres.

Irene Luft (Tuesday 2 July – 9:30 pm)  

The Munich-based designer presents a large number of different styles from shimmering jacquard culottes to the finest lace blouses to her own motto sneakers with floral appliqués.

“Casual and Natural” hair look  
Irene Luft’s catwalk styles featured a natural effortless look with loose strands. The hair was looped at the back of the head. The rest should be fixed, but hang down with movement to create dynamism and liveliness. This DIY look was supported with Light Defining Cream, whilst the loop effect was emphasised with a black hair tie.    

“Modern Warrior” make-up  
The models were given bushy eyebrows with Automatic Pencil for Eyebrows, plus a lively and vibrant complexion thanks to La Capsule. Sensual Lipstick Matt Red Tulip created an extremely precise and striking cheek contour. The lips should be less of a focus, which was achieved with Teint Correcteur.

Sportalm KITZBÜHEL (Wednesday 3 July – 10:00 am)  

Bright colours, short tops, sophisticated wide trousers and a large number of extraordinary hats define the image of this traditionally very sporty collection. This summer, however, the otherwise very modern and dynamic designs were surprisingly mixed with some classic dirndl designs.

“Side Braid Elements with Natural Wave” hair look  
Traditional braid elements were given a modern interpretation for this very sporty collection. The side braids remained purposely irregular. The created ponytails were connected with hair ties, whilst the rest of the hair was arranged like a natural wave. Here, too, the Fashion Week favourite Light Defining Cream was used, and worked into the lengths and tips.  

“Copper golden shimmer” make-up  
The make-up emphasises the very sporty fashion. The girls’ natural radiance should be emphasised with warm colours such as Magic Shadow in Orange Breeze, Crystal Gold and the new Eyeshadow Pen in Copper Rose (new collection AW 2018/19). The lips were magically given a warm hint of colour with Lip Color Pretty Honey.

Rebekka Ruétz (Wednesday 3 July – 1:00 pm)  

For the Austrian’s new collection “Make Love Great Again” colourful checks are part of a richly faceted colour world to create a lofty atmosphere of summery urbanity.

“Wavy and Wet” hair look  
Urban was also the motto of this collection’s hair concept. The result was a rocker wet look with wavy lengths. For this look the hair was first plaited into many little braids and fixed with Fixateur Mousse, then heated with a straightening iron. After undoing the braids, these were worked on with a combination of Beach Effect Styling Spray for a rough structure and Light Defining Cream. The wet look at the roots was created with the help of lots of Luxury Spa Oil, which was kneaded into the roots. At the same time, the lengths remained dry and thus completed the look in a wild style. Just before parading on the runway, this effect was perfected with Glossing Spray.    

“Brown Smoky Eyes” make-up  

The theme of these looks was punk, rock and glamour. The result was a combination of light trash with glamour. A classic beauty image was purposely avoided. The focus was brown, gold and copper shades of Magic Shadow in Champagne, Cappuccino, and Cool Brown, as well as Magic Shadow Trio Smokey Rocks. Sensual Lipstick Glossy in Sandy Rose on the lips created a soft shimmer.

Maison Common (Wednesday 3 July – 4:00 pm)               

The Frida Kahlo-inspired fashion show presented a mixture of bright neon and subtle pastel colours. The new collection’s summery atmosphere predominantly featured pattern mixes and sailor stripes with floral elements, which were also mirrored in the hair accessories.

“Messy Bun” hair look
A hint of Mexican charm, paired with chic elegance, was also featured in the hair creations. The hair and make-up concept for the Maison Common show aimed to additionally emphasise the lively and extravagant mood of the fashion. The models wore hats with a glimpse of colourful, knotted headbands underneath or lavish flower arrangements pinned into the hair. On the other hand, the style looked quite simple from the front: the sleekly styled hair with a precisely divided centre parting was tied into a low ponytail at the nape. The ponytail was slightly back-combed with the fingers, and then pinned into a girlish messy bun with hair clips. Volumising Lotion was used for this.  

“Vibrant Turquoise” make-up  
A fresh, modern yet elegant make-up completed the style. The focus was placed on the eye area. La Biosthétique Pencil for Eyes Khol Silk emphasised the edge of the bottom lid. Under this a wide, striking turquoise eyeliner was drawn with La Biosthétique Eye Performer True Shiny Turquoise. A light blusher added natural freshness: Sensual Lipstick Matt Rosy Nude was dabbed on to the cheeks in a V shape and blended upwards. The lips were given an elegantly reserved shine. For a matte effect Teint Correcteur was first dabbed on to the lips, followed by an application of Sensual Lipstick Glossy in Sandy Rose.

Riani (Wednesday 3 July – 7:00 pm)  

The well-established company from Schorndorf near Stuttgart, Germany, has been a part of Fashion Week since as far back as 2013, and this season is sending “Rianista’s Big Dream” on to the catwalk. A trip through the American summer begins by discovering chiffon blouses, summer dresses and asymmetric jumpsuits.

“Sleek Ponytail” hair look
The “American Way of Life” was the focus of the new Riani collection, which was given the perfect style completion by the looks of the models, whose hairstyles represented different versions of the multi-faceted motto “Come as you are”. The looks featured some high ponytails that were given sleek shine with Style Pomade and paid homage to the styling of American high school cheerleaders, thus expressing young and dynamic elegance.   

“Cat eyes” make-up   
The make-up concept was young, sporty yet extravagant. It fascinatingly combined expressive New York chic with striking cat eyes and a sun-tanned California style – created with Earth Glow Gel. The complexion was first moisturised with Botanique Pure Nature Balancing Cream and then evened out with Teint Naturelle. The eyeliner extremely extended beyond the eye was created with Smart Liner Just Black. The lips were more reserved: only the lip care Traitement Lèvres was applied for a delicate expression.

Danny Reinke (Wednesday 3 July – 9:30 pm)  

The “Unleashed Values” collection of the Berlin designer stands out due to its clear lines and intelligent cuts, which are skilfully blended with unusual details and tulle elements.

“Sumo Topknot” hair look  
In keeping with the collection’s motto, a clean, androgynous and reserved look was created with lots of attention to detail.  A compact bun resembled a sumo topknot. The long hair was intricately looped and tied on several levels. The high ponytail was given soft shine with the new Light Defining Cream.  

“Glossy and Natural” make-up  
Very modern, glossy, independent, fresh and confident, the make-up features Sensual Lipstick Glossy Pomegranate as both a  blusher and a lip colour. The eyes also shine in Hydro Gloss Tangerine.

Ivanman (Thursday 4 July – 2:00 pm)  

Ivan Mandzukic is presenting his menswear as a brightly coloured style mix of classic cuts, created with neon yellow or signal red backs. Paired with significant words on the jackets, sweaters and trousers, this is an overall artwork of disruption.

“Grunge” hair look  
The wet look chosen for the hair styles was visibly inspired by the musical art form known as grunge, which developed in the 90s in underground Seattle and combines punk rock elements with heavy metal. And so Kurt Cobain’s spirit walked across the runway. This was created by cool, undone, non-sleek yet separately arranged styles, which thus automatically looked extremely undone. The most important aid for the successful presentation of this style was above all lots of Luxury Spa Oil and the Intense Styling Cream from the Botanique Pure Nature range.

Lana Mueller (Thursday 4 July – 4:00 pm)  

Flowing, light lines, playful flounces, many summery prints, materials such as lace and pleated fabrics, as well as locally applied glitter, instantly take you to the atmosphere of a perfectly cosy summer evening. Since 2015, people have been falling in love with Lana Mueller’s classic yet timeless designs. Particularly the feminine and modern evening gowns are meanwhile an integral component of the international fashion world.

“Braid Combo” hair look  
For the long-standing partner of La Biosthétique Paris, Creative Director Alexander Dinter developed a wonderfully feminine look that expressively completed the summery freshness and agility of the collection. Three braids were loosely and imperfectly intertwined. Before braiding, Essence de Protéine gave the hair fine texture. The purposely messy structure of the hair was additionally emphasised by pulling individual strands out of the braid.    

“Soft Apricot” make-up  
The make-up stood out due to its complete and elegant naturalness. A mother-of-pearl complexion was provided by a combination of Daily Highlighter and Teint Frais. The eyes shone in a delicately soft shade of orange: The dewy shimmer was created with the new La Biosthétique Silky Eyes Apricot (Preview Collection AW 2018/19), which was applied to both the top and bottom lid. The make-up was given floral freshness by Tender Blush Passion Rose, which emphasised the inside of the cheeks.

REBELPIN by Acte (Thursday 4 July – 7:00 pm)  

The REBELPIN 2018 - Fashion Awards by ACTE is a European design competition for young designers and design students, which was held for the first time this July in Berlin. During MBFW the finalists’ collections were presented, and young designer Sanna Schubert was the winner of the “Students” category.

“Ponytail with Twist” hair look  
The graphic lines of the fashion, which the models presented on the catwalk, were also referred to in the fashion. The challenge, however, was that the hairstyles shouldn’t take centre stage. The La Biosthétique Team practised sophisticated reservation with a clean front of the head and an asymmetric twist at the back of the head.  

“Extreme Blush” make-up  
The look of the different designers was created by merging many 80s elements so that the focus was placed on strong blusher – Tender Blush Mystic Red strongly accentuated the cheeks. The eyes were emphasised with eyeliner on the top lash contour with Automatic Pencil Eyes Black.

I´ VR Isabel Vollrath (Thursday 4 July – 9:00 pm)  

With the words, “I wanted to rediscover the enthusiasm that once brought me to fashion”, the designer describes the creation process of her new Spring/Summer collection, which took the guests to Venice, where she lived a few years before and the impressions of which she was now transporting to the catwalk.

“Elegant Bun” hair look  
The Venetian look was inspired by the architecture of the domed roof of a chapel. A severe topknot was tied at the highest point of the head, which was intricately created with up to four sections. Then the hair rats were neatly rolled into the hair, and invisibly fixed. It was a special challenge to completely avoid flyaway hair – but Formule Laque Fine successfully mastered this.  

“Red Lips” make-up  
To create a clean and proper look with a porcelain complexion, the skin was evened out with Teint Naturelle and Teint Correcteur, and Silky Mineral Powder gave it a powdery character. Silky Eyes Soft Apricot was applied around the eyes to warm up the eyelids, and then Tender Blush Soft Orange was applied and feathered out. Magic Shadow Cool Brown in the lid crease emphasised the upwards movement of the eye. Tender Blush Soft Orange was used on the cheeks. The lips were completely filled in with Automatic Pencil for Lips Poppy Orange.

The people behind the hair and make-up creations

Alexander Dinter  

Alexander Dinter has been an international hairstyling expert for more than 20 years. As the International Creative Director at La Biosthétique, he and his team are responsible for the entire creative process of the hair concept for the individual looks of the new collections, which the designers are presenting in Berlin during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Steffen Zoll  

International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll has been working with La Biosthétique for 10 years, and for two years has been closely involved in the development of new products and looks. Meanwhile, he ranks among the most important representatives of the brand, and is responsible for the make-up creations at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Precisely a year ago, in July 2017, Steffen Zoll designed the first Fashion Week make-up concept for the design partner Marc Cain. This season, he is responsible for the looks of all designers.

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