Protection Couleur Blonde

Radiant vibrance for all shades of blonde

BLONDE: no hair colour is more desirable, as clearly and sensuously embodies good mood attributes such as youth, lightness and summer. BLONDE.  

But: whether natural blonde or a trick of salon colour – this desirable hair colour needs special care to look healthy and shiny. Blonde hair reacts extremely sensitively to damaging environmental factors. Sunlight takes away its shine and makes it look matte. Salt and chlorinated water cause discolorations such as a yellowish or greenish tinge. Stress caused by the heat of the hairdryer, constant straightening or back-combing, as well as lack of care, attack the sensitive structure of blonde hair, make it rough and brittle and take away its shine. Lightened, highlighted or coloured hair reacts even more sensitively than naturally blonde hair to damaging influences. After all, its protective cuticle was opened to draw out its dark pigments and establish the desirable blonde.   With Protection Couleur Blonde La Biosthétique has developed a hair care range devoted to the special needs of demanding blonde hair: it provides intensive care, protects against discolouration, closes the cuticle and thus restores the surface’s shine. Colour pigments are deposited on the hair that refresh and intensify the various shades of blonde.    

Protection Couleur Blonde has a triple effect:

1.   An innovative UV shine complex developed especially in the laboratories of La Biosthétique for the needs of blonde hair has a fluorescent effect under the influence of UV light that gives the hair shimmering brilliance and impressively vibrant reflexes. Moisturising and restructuring active ingredients support this effect and also result in elasticity and softness, whilst conditioning oils form a high-gloss, protective film around the hair.  

2.   The finely dosed colour pigments in Protection Couleur Blonde Shampoo preserve and invigorate the blonde even during washing, the Protection Couleur Blonde Conditionneur gives the blonde brand-new freshness with a more intensive dose of colour pigments.  

3.   All products in the range contain the established, highly effective colour protection complex from the existing Protection Couleur range. This deeply penetrates the hair to neutralise structure-damaging free radicals. At the same time, a special polymer deposits itself on the hair like a protective shield, where it develops a deep-conditioning and UV-absorbent effect. 

Sergej Herdt – La Biosthétique Technical Director Color:

"There is an incredible number of blonde shades – and everything in one small spectrum of blonde. From caramel blonde to honey blonde to a cool violet blonde. The art is to transform the rather yellowish tone that has developed during the colouring process into an elegant, glamorous hair colour. Professional care products that work with colour pigments that are tailored to the individual shade of blonde stabilise and enhance every shade of blonde to make it a radiant eyecatcher.”  

The product line Protection Couleur Blonde: