Summer. Sun. Sun protection. When the temperatures rise, we long to feel the sun on our face and body. The warm rays drive away the last traces of wintry cold and omnipresent stress on a cellular level: sun on the skin is happiness. Plus, there is the added bonus of a tan.

To ensure your summer complexion stays soft and dewy and doesn't suffer any painful redness, a high sun protection factor is a must, but that's definitely not everything. Sun care from La Biosthétique Soleil combines innovative technology with protective care, a summery scent and a light texturethat makes skin and hair feel and look sun kissed and beautiful.

For skin.

La Biosthétique's care range Soleil offers the ideal solution to enjoy the sun without regrets. The nine skincare products fulfil the highest standards of modern anti-aging research and their protective and conditioning effect far surpasses that of conventional UV products. With uncompromising performance when it comes to dermatological protection and its summery scent, Soleil is the ideal choice. The Soleil products are suitable for all skin types, all ages and all genders, even sensitive skin. The contained tanning activator also ensures a long-lasting, natural tan. Just 10 minutes on the terrace or a day at the beach? The Soleil range not only offers different SPFs, but depending on your needs also different textures and the right care for every phase of sunbathing.

Preparing the skin for the sun.

In spring, the skin is mostly still pale and not used to intense sun exposure. Activateur de Bronzage supports the skin to boost its pigmentation. Ideally, begin by applying the tanning activator about one to two weeks before intense sun exposure. The effect: the skin is ideally prepared, the tan develops faster and more evenly. The easily absorbed emulsion contains Vitamin E for the necessary moisture and care, giving smoothness and helping to prevent premature aging.

Spray-on sun protection.

The Soleil Spray Invisible SPF 6 or SPF 30 is extremely fast to spray on, doesn't need to be rubbed in, is waterproof and non-oily. Like all Soleil products, the tanning activation technology is integrated in this. At the same time, the active ingredient complex of sunflower seed guarantee high cell and DNA protection.

Sun protection for sports.

Soleil Stick Solaire SPF 30 is suitable for a trip to the mountains or water sports: it is designed for intense UV exposure and, thanks to its practical application, it's easy to reach sensitive areas of the body such aslips, nostrils, shoulders and neck. Natural ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter, as well as natural oils from lady's smock seeds, stabilise the skin's functions.

Plus: the stick easily fits in every jacket pocket or travel bag.

Sun protection cream.

Beach and sun lounger? Soleil Emulsion SPF 15 and SPF 25 are perfect for sensitive skin. The oil-water based sun milk is rapidly absorbed by the face and body, is calming and also increases the cells' moisture storage capacity. It should be applied about half an hour before sunbathing. A very high SPF is recommended for sensitive and very fair skin. Soleil Creme Solaire SPF 50+ with the ingredients panthenol and bisabolol from camomile soothes inflammation and protects and/or prevents rosacea and pigment spots. The effective UVA and UVB sun protection filter system performs optimum sun protection with combined anti-aging care.

Regeneration and care after sunbathing.

After tanning, your first priority should be to take a refreshing, lukewarm shower. It frees the skin of. sea salt, chlorine residue from the swimming pool and surplus sun cream. Now the skin is ideally prepared for the subsequent aftersun care: Soleil Crème Visage Après Soleil for the face and Soleil Emulsion Corps Après Soleil calm the skin after sunbathing and soothe the feeling of tightness. Free radicals and chronic sun damage are combated, both products support the skin's DNA repair and rosemary extract stabilises the skin's natural functions. An extra tip for a lasting tan: apply the cream as a mask to the cleansed face, décolleté or back of the hand. Simply apply a thicker layer, allow to absorb for 15 minutes and gently remove the residue with a cotton pad.

For hair.

UV rays unfortunately also directly attack the hair: They damage keratin bridges, which are essential for healthy, shiny hair. The sun fades both natural and coloured hair, and the elasticity and strength of the hair are indirectly impacted by long sun exposure. The Soleil hair products are the result of state-of-the-art cosmetics technology, and work in two ways - as an extensive complete protection for the direct and indirect impacts of UV radiation: On the one hand, the highest possible, non-water-soluble UV filter is integrated without weighing the hair down, but whilst absorbing UVA and UVB rays. Fading and brittleness of hair are prevented. On the other hand, the formation of oxygen free radicals by UV and sun influence are deactivated, and severe hair damage is also thus minimised inside the hair. Polyphenols from the sunflower extract developed specially by La Biosthétique take effect here - and are both preventative and regenerative.

Protection and style in the sun.

Soleil Laque is a fresh scented non-aerosol hairspray developed especially for outdoors. It is suitable for defining individual strands and curls or as a fixing spray for the whole hairstyle - of course with effective UV protection. To refresh the hair apply the water-repellent 2-phase spray care Soleil Vitalité Express with wheat peptides and a polymer that deeply conditions the hair, offers additional protection and provides instant softness and healthy elasticity. It can be sprayed into both moist and dry hair.

Cleansing and care after the sun.

Soleil Shampooing is an aftersun care that gently cleanses the hair and scalp, even of chlorine and salt residue, and protects it from dehydration. Here, too, the sunflower seed extract forms a good protective shield, and protects the inside of the hair from severe damage. For an extra portion of moisture the 2-in1 aftersun Soleil Crème is used as a fast-acting conditioner or as an intensive mask, and adds shimmering colour brilliance, velvety softness and healthy shine.

By the way:

Soleil not only conditions and protects the skin and hair in the sun: the exclusive care range gives the skin and hair the scent of summer, lightness and joie de vivre. The sensuously fresh summer scent composition was specially created for La Biosthétique by internationally successful scent designer, Geza Schön. The fresh and fruity scent cocktail features a top note of lime, orange, mandarin, bergamot and galbanum. The heart note is a marriage of radiantly blue sky with the floral joy of rose, orange blossom, tuberose, water lily, jasmine and orchid. The flowery bouquet of freesia provides the relaxed depth of a summer evening with creamy vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, patchouli, sandalwood and cedar wood.

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3 in 1: The moisturising tanning activator prepares the skin for the sun, accelerates the tanning process and stimulates the skin’s own protection mechanisms.


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