Getting dressed-up in make-up

Mysterious, sensuous or seductive - which look do you want today?   

One woman, one morning. The cool autumn sun is shining through the window. The red leaves are falling silently from the trees. She is standing in front of her mirror: what will she wear today? A smoky green eyeshadow or rather a simple eyeliner? A peach-coloured blusher or rather a fresh rose? Natural or emphasised lips? A woman's make-up is like a dress, like an ever-changing wardrobe. It changes according to her mood. Our goal is to give her endless possibilities. With the new Make-up Collection Autumn-Winter 2018/19 of La Biosthétique!

Here are this season's make-up looks:

Look 1 „Mystical Her“

Look 2 „Sensual Her"

Look 3 „Alluring Her“

How to get dressed-up in make-up:

International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll

"Choose a look that you feel like today: whether mysterious, sensuous, seductive or a completely individual interpretation of the new make-up collection colour palette for Autumn-Winter 2018/19. In the tutorial video I will show you how you can easily recreate our three favourite autumn/winter looks at home. You're not sure what looks good on you? In the exclusive La Biosthétique salons you will receive professional advice".

How to be “Mystical Her”

To the tutorial

How to be “Sensual Her”

To the tutorial

How to be “Alluring Her”

To the tutorial

Get the new colors of the Collection Autumn–Winter 2018/19:

1. Magic Shadow Mono 43 Green Smoke

SKU# 016537

Quick Overview

The powder eyeshadow contains powdery colour pigments to magically give the eyelids enchanting accents.


Delivery Time 1-3 Werktage

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