Alluring Her

Pure seduction: For an excitingly modern make-up, the focus is placed on the eyes - delicate apricot combined with soft grey and a confidently placed accent in "True Night Blue". The look becomes incredibly sensuous with strongly emphasised lips in bright cherry red. Sexy!


Particularly when the days are getting shorter again and the weather is getting cooler, the skin often loses moisture due to central heating. That's why it's important to choose the right care, as well as the right base, for your skin type. Teint Naturel makes your skin feel silky, particularly if it is stressed, mature or dehydrated. Its light-reflecting pigments give you a soft and natural complexion with light to medium coverage. Extra tip: First apply the day care, then evenly apply the creamy make-up emulsion with a foundation brush, sponge or your fingers. Make sure the foundation is softly blended at the hairline, ears and neck to avoid any unattractive tide marks.


With this exciting and modern look, the main feature is the unusual eye make-up.
1. Apply Silky Eyes Soft Apricot from the inside corner of the eye to the middle of the eye, blend slightly out over the crease and the inside of the bottom lid up to half of the eye. Then gently dab on Silky Eyes Tender Grey from the middle of the top lid up to the outer corner of the eye, and blend out in an oval.
2. To complete the harmony of the eye, also add Silky Eyes Tender Grey to the bottom lid, from the outer corner of the eye up to the colour of Silky Eyes Soft Apricot.
3. The new Eye Performer True Night Blue creates an additional and exciting accent, which is created by drawing an intense eyeliner from the middle of the top lid up to the outer corner of the eye.
4. Another eyeliner is then drawn at the bottom lashes along the outer corner of the eye up to the middle of the lid, and softly blended out. It looks beautiful when Eye Performer True Blue is only applied on top of Silky Eyes Tender Grey.
5. For a fascinating gaze, volumise the top and bottom lashes with Mascara Perfect Volume Black.


To keep the focus on the eyes, in this look the eyebrows are only shaped with the transparent Care & Fix Lash Conditioner or, if necessary, softly filled in with the matching colour of Automatic Pencil for Brows.


Softly emphasise the bottom contours of the cheekbones with Tender Blush Gentle Peach. For a hint of freshness emphasise the start of the cheeks with Tender Blush Soft Orange.


To conjure up that perfect lip line, outline the natural or desired shape of the lips with Pencil for Lips LL32 Rosewood. For that complete, sensuous expression on the lips, dab on Lip Color Dark Cherry with the fingers and then, if desired, go over the lip line with the pencil (which can be sharpened).


The exciting Brilliant Nail Cassis is also a perfect complement to this look, with its elegant combination of blackcurrant and a modern metallic finish.

Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll:

"For a particularly natural eyebrow design the brows can simply be shaped with the transparent Care & Fix Lash Conditioner. This ensures that overly accentuated eyebrows don't steal the show in this particularly expressive look".

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1. Teint Naturel 01 Ivory

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The silky anti-aging make-up melts into the skin and magically gives you a flawless complexion that is as smooth as that of Snow White.


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