Mystical Her

Divine eyes: A dense colour deposit in "Green Smoke" gives the eyes a mystical intensity. An evenly glowing complexion, with delicate peach on the cheeks, the lips gently emphasised with True Color Cool Hazel and a subdued lilac shade on the nails. Fascinating!


A perfect look depends on perfectly cared for facial skin. Especially in winter, the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips is particularly sallow and dry. For a perfect and even complexion the balancing Extreme Stay Foundation is the right choice. Follow this by fixing and perfecting your complexion with Silky Mineral Powder.


To prepare the eyelids prime the entire top lid with MagneFix. This makes the eyeshadow colours more vibrant, intense and long-lasting. In and above the inside corner of the eye, in an oval shape up to the middle of the lid apply an intense deposit of colour with the new Magic Shadow Mono 43 Green Smoke. Then blend out the deposit of colour with the pigments left in the brush - across the entire top lid, lightly over the lid crease and up to the outer corner of the eye. In the same colour create a soft contour under the eye. A hint of Tender Blush Gentle Peach under the cheekbone creates a soft transition. Next thicken the top lashes by applying Eye Performer True Dark Chocolate eyeliner that runs slightly out and up . Also apply eyeliner to the edge of the bottom lid, and soften outwards with the integrated smudger. Finally, add oomph to the top and bottom lashes with Mascara Perfect Volume Black to complete the eye make-up look.


With this dramatic look it's enough to slightly fill in the eyebrows with the customised shade of Automatic Pencil for Brows, and to shape the natural curve with a brow brush.


Create a soft and warm contour with Tender Blush Gentle Peach.


For a precise lipline without colour bleed shape the lips with Pencil for Lips LL21 Natural Beige, and lightly blend inwards towards the middle of the lips. Next apply the long-lasting True Color Lipstick Cool Hazel with the tongue-shaped lip brush No. 12, or dab on with your finger for a very natural look. If you want a lighter lip make-up look, you can give the lips a cared for and subtle shine with the new Cream Gloss Nougat.


To match this mystical look the nails are polished with the light lilac grey shade of Brilliant Nail Mauve.

Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll:

"If you prefer a summery light lip make-up, you can give the lips a cared for and subtle shine with the new Cream Gloss Nougat".

Get dressed-up in make-up:

1. Silky Mineral Powder 20 Skin

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The loose mineral powder fixes your make-up and its pure mineral pigments magically give you a skin as fresh and luxurious as the purest skin.


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