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Natural glow: A fresh, radiant complexion as the base, a golden green highlight on the edge of the bottom lid, delicate copper rose on the top lid and "Orange Delight" on the lips make the face glow. Dark blackcurrant on the nails completes this elegant, subtle yet seductive look. Fresh!


No matter whether summer or winter, everyone wants a wonderfully radiant complexion all year round, with the concealing of minor unevenness. With its silky texture, Teint Frais instantly refreshes the skin, and gives it a soft tint to make that summer feeling last even longer.


It doesn't always have to be complicated to magically create a classically elegant look like this.
1. Use Eyeshadow Pen Copper Rose to fill in the whole lid up to just above the lid crease. Then thoroughly smudge the edges out with a brush or your fingers. Do the same on the bottom lid.
2. Use Automatic Pencil for Eyes K25 Golden Olive to draw a soft line along the bottom edge of the lid, and blend with the Eyeshadow Pen underneath to lift the eye.
3. To give the eyes additional intensity, create a fine frame with Pencil for Eyes Khol Silk by amplifying the lash roots. Create a solid line on the edge of the top and bottom lid (the waterline) to achieve this.
4. To emphasise the look's colour harmony, use the soft brown shade of Mascara Perfect Volume Brown.


With this look the eyebrows can have more of an intense emphasis to give the rest of the rather subtle make-up an expressive frame. First, make the brows look thicker with Automatic Pencil for Brows, then use the brow brush to softly smudge the pigments into the skin and, if necessary, make the brows look a little longer.


To complete the look's elegant character, we recommend choosing a very soft shade of blusher such as Tender Blush Passion Rose.


The charming orange shade of the new Sensual Lipstick C146 Orange Delight gives the lips a radiantly cared for expression. Either lightly dab on or evenly apply with the lip brush.


An intense shade on the nails adds a wonderful contrast to this subtle look. The seductive, dark berry shade of Brilliant Nail Cassis features a gorgeous metallic shimmer. Carefully apply the nail polish, and then leave to dry thoroughly. A second coat intensifies the colour.

Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll:

"To shorten the nail polish's drying time, allow the nail polish to briefly dry, and then apply a coat of Brilliant Nail Finish. A beautiful side effect of this is that it amplifies the nail polish's colour pigments and shine".

Get dressed-up in make-up:

1. Automatic Pencil for Eyes K25 Gold Olive

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The waterproof eyeliner features an unbeatable texture for intense colour and long-lasting eye make-up.


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