Women of the World

She knows the world. She knows what is expected of her. She is woman, lover, mother, sister, friend or partner. She is ever – changing and still remains herself. She is a woman of the
world. Tender, passionate, sensitive or strong, during the
day and at night.

This season, we will show you how you can use the new products of the Autumn / Winter 2019 / 2020 Make – up Collection to stage your different facettes.

Here are this season’s make-up looks:

Look 1 „Soft Whisper“

Look 2 „Intense Glance"

Look 3 „Strong Regard“

How To: The looks of the season, step by step.

How to Make-up “Soft Whisper”

How to Make-up “Intense Glance”

How to Make-up “Strong Regard”

Get the new colors of the Collection Autumn-Winter 2019/20:

1. Tender Blush Soft Orange

SKU# 018889

Quick Overview

The elegant powder blusher Tender Blush defines the cheekbones and enhances your features.


Delivery Time

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