A graceful game of contrasts : The gaze is framed by the colour of a moody autumn sky with a dense grey that lightens up for a brief moment and turns a transient grey violet. Delicately flushed with a soft coral red that enlivens the cheeks, the look is playfully completed with a glossy finish on the lips.


For an even skin tone, apply Teint Naturel with No. 3 Foundation brush and work in with the hands. Lighten the undereye shadows with Cover & Light to create the perfect complexion. To create a silky finish fix with Extreme Stay Powder and No. 1 Powder brush.


Softly outline the eye with Eye Performer True Dark Chocolate, and use the applicator to work into the topand bottom lash line. Then apply to the waterline to provide depth. Directly and generously apply Eyeshadow Pen Cloudy Lilac around the whole eye along the lash line and use the finger to blendout  and down. If needed, repeat the application to add intensity. Use No. 13 Eyeshadow brush to apply Eyeshadow Pen Cloudy Lilac in feather strokes from the outside to the top lid above the orbital arch.Apply more Eye Performer Dark Chocolate as in Step 1, and blend with a brush. Finish by applying Perfect Volume Coffee mascara to the top and bottom lashes.


With the matching shade of Automatic Pencil for Brows fill in small gaps in the brow, and then brush intothe desired shape with the brow brush. Fix with Care & Fix Lash Conditioner.


Pick up the new Tender Blush Coral Blossom with No. 2 Blusher brush. Starting below the cheekbone, work upwards and, in this upwards direction, blend the colour outwards along the hairline up to above the eyebrow. The colour is concentrated on the cheekbones.


Use your fingertip to delicately dab on Sensual Lipstick G330 Mellow Papaya in the desired intensity orcompletely fill in the lips with No. 12 Lip brush.


Apply two coats of Brilliant Nail Simply Nude. After drying, apply Brilliant Nail Top Coat for radiant shine.

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1. Teint Naturel 05 Sunny

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The silky anti-aging make-up melts into the skin and magically gives you a flawless complexion that is as smooth as that of Snow White.


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