Mademoiselle Lili loves Paris – the museums, the architecture, the pavement cafés, the savoir vivre, the flair of the elegant hotels and, of course, fashion, fashion, fashion.With her insider column “Paris, mon amour”, she will now be reporting for La Biosthétique from Paris, which has been her chosen home for seven happy years.  

Dora Maar

Profession: Muse

Dora Maar was once the most beautiful and interesting photographer in Paris. Mademoiselle Lili discovered the mysterious woman at Centre Pompidou and wondered why she didn’t tell that macho Picasso to go to hell.

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Viaduc des Arts

Take a Walk on the Green Side!

Viaduc des Arts is a green oasis for people out for a stroll and for those who love shopping. Mademoiselle Lili goes exploring off the beaten track.

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New dancing pleasure

La Guinguette – c’est chouette!

Clubs are yesterday according to Mademoiselle Lili who recently discovered a new dancing pleasure: in the good old guinguettes.

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Part 1

Operating instructions for Paris

Everyone loves Paris, but nobody likes the Parisians. But when you know how to deal with them, they’re quite affable, according to Mademoiselle Lili.

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Fashion Week

Bigger! Higher! Further!

At Fashion Week, the big Parisian fashion houses are competing to hold the most spectacular show. Mademoiselle Lili can’t wait to see what they’ve dreamed up this time.

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Gastro trend

The return of bouillons

For a long time, whoever wanted to dine like a typical French person in Paris was spoilt for choice. Mademoiselle Lili is happy to note that this is no longer the case as she rejoices in a new gastro trend.

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Bonne année!

Oysters and champagne, s’il vous plaît! It was the first year Mademoiselle Lili was celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris, and a chance to consider the differences between the two cultures of Germany and France.

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La Barbière de Paris

By the beard of the aesthete

The beard is to men what the hairstyle is to women. Mademoiselle Lili watched Paris’s most famous female barber at work.

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Azzedine Alaïa

Long live the family

The house of fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa in the Parisian district of Marais has become a public and yet very private memorial site. In this column Mademoiselle Lili is paying homage to this.

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Fashion journalism

The influencer

At present, no other industry is undergoing such rapid change as fashion journalism. Mademoiselle Lili is struggling to understand this brave new world.

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Palais Royal

A truly royal venue

Palais Royal in the heart of Paris is slightly hidden and occupies a world of its own. For Mademoiselle Lili this is the most beautiful place in the busy tourist hotspot near the Louvre – with quite an exciting history, as she recently discovered.

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Atelier des Lumières

Everything flows

A spectacular XXL installation in Paris shows how differently you can experience and present art. Mademoiselle Lili immersed herself in Hundertwasser, Klimt and company, and felt like she’d been given a new lease of life.

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Afropunk Festival

Black on white

The Afropunk Festival in Paris is a showdown of diversity and creativity – Mademoiselle Lili is looking forward to a two-day event full of  visual and acoustic fireworks.

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Hair and religion

The long and the short of it

At her last hair appointment, Mademoiselle Lili realised that she had become rather conservative about her hair. So, she racked her brains about a big topic:  hair and religion.

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Lafayette Anticipations

Art en vogue

Today, luxury companies are no longer just establishing art foundations. They prefer to build their own museums. Lafayette Anticipations recently opened in the Parisian district of Marais, and Mademoiselle Lili is pondering the new trend.

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Farmers markets

Green market economy

Farmers markets are an institution in Paris. It is particularly during the asparagus season that Mademoiselle Lili grabs her rolling shopping bag and sets off for her favourite markets to soothe her culinary homesickness.

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Art from hair

Everything Charlie, n’est-ce pas?

Charlie Le Mindu creates art from hair and completely overturns our expectations of hairdressing. Mademoiselle Lili is always amazed at what he makes out of hair.

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Patisserien and chocolatiers

Paris is a box of chocolates

In Paris seduction lurks on every corner – in the form of patisseries and chocolatiers. Mademoiselle Lili dives into this sweet life and asks where all the lovely calorie bombs end up.

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Bar Bistol

Half past midnight at the hotel bar

If you’re a woman who likes to travel around all over the place on your own, you often have problems explaining things. But, that’s not the case at the Le Bristol Bar in Paris. Mademoiselle Lili really feels at home there.


A roundabout tour of Paris

Even if you haven’t yet visited Paris, you can immediately think of at least three sights that you would like to visit at some point. Mademoiselle Lili knows other worthwhile alternatives.

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Glitz and glamour

Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent: if you’d like to experience a different kind of fashion in Paris this autumn, you should swap shopping for a museum. Mademoiselle Lili stood in line too.

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The Paris fashion world

Hysterical beige

The Paris fashion world is a parallel universe where things have different locations and names. When everyone is going crazy once again for Fashion Week, Mademoiselle Lili thinks about Loïc Prigent’s collection of verbal comedy and laughs herself silly.

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La Rentrée

The fifth season

Forget Easter, Christmas or New Year. It’s a very different date that defines the rhythm of Paris: “La Rentrée”, when children return to school after the summer holidays.  Mademoiselle Lili talks about the before and after.

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Rive Gauche, Rive Droite

Right or left?

The Seine divides Paris into two banks – but the term Rive Gauche or Rive Droite means more than just a geographic location. Mademoiselle Lili adjusts the compass.

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Rooftop Bars

One step closer to heaven

Early summer is the most beautiful time in Paris. Finally, the time has come to enjoy an Aperol in the balmy evening air of the city’s terraces or to take a stroll in open-toed shoes. Mademoiselle Lili regularly has fun – in the city’s rooftop bars.

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Glamour, sequins and drama

Dalida, the most-imitated cult singer in France, is now being given a new stage: the fashion museum Palais Galliera is exhibiting her flamboyant wardrobe. Mademoiselle Lili is already gasping in anticipation.

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Jardin Albert Kahn

Cherry blossom time!

Where should you go in Paris when spring has sprung? Mademoiselle Lili has a hot tip:  Jardin Albert Kahn outside the gates of Paris. You don’t have to be a gardening pensioner to be enchanted by its treasures.

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La Parisienne

The superwoman

Fashion designers, film directors and it girls are constantly waxing lyrical about the irresistible Parisiennes and their unmistakable style: Mademoiselle Lili has put in quite a bit of practice.

Fashion Week Locations

Fashion tells you a lot about a city

The time has come: at the end of February, fashion is once again the order of the day in Paris. Mademoiselle Lili looks forward to discovering places that are otherwise hidden from the public eye.

Private restaurants

Dinner is served!

UNESCO has dubbed French cuisine a world cultural heritage. If you really want to experience it, you are best making a reservation at a “table d’hôte”, one of Paris’ many private restaurants.


The City of Love

Hardly any other city has such an incredibly romantic reputation as Paris. Love is supposed to jump out at you on every street corner like a playful puppy...

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The divining rod

Christmas shopping in Paris? In the capital of luxury brands this can be an expensive treat. But that doesn’t have to be the case...

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Through the backdoor

A code word, a tiny red door, a walk through the cold room or a laundrette – secret bars, known as speakeasies, are the new trend in Paris...

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Paris Fashion Week

Attention, fashion alarm!

Twice a year, Paris goes crazy – in March and September, during the prêt-à-porter shows. Mademoiselle Lili knows how to get box seats for the show.

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Fondation Cartier

In the big city jungle

Why travel to Costa Rica, the Amazon or the Serengeti? At Fondation Cartier in Paris you’re in the midst of it all: “The Great Animal Orchestra” commences its performance. Mademoiselle Lili is listening carefully.

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Piscine Molitor

The beach under the plaster

When the temperatures rise above 34 degrees in Paris and you need to cool off, you have to swipe your credit card if you want something a little nicer: Mademoiselle Lili went bathing in Piscine Molitor...

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