Mademoiselle Lili loves Paris – the museums, the architecture, the pavement cafés, the savoir vivre, the flair of the elegant hotels and, of course, fashion, fashion, fashion.With her insider column “Paris, mon amour”, she will now be reporting for La Biosthétique from Paris, which has been her chosen home for five happy years.  


The City of Love

Hardly any other city has such an incredibly romantic reputation as Paris. Love is supposed to jump out at you on every street corner like a playful puppy...

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The divining rod

Christmas shopping in Paris? In the capital of luxury brands this can be an expensive treat. But that doesn’t have to be the case...

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Through the backdoor

A code word, a tiny red door, a walk through the cold room or a laundrette – secret bars, known as speakeasies, are the new trend in Paris...

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Paris Fashion Week

Attention, fashion alarm!

Twice a year, Paris goes crazy – in March and September, during the prêt-à-porter shows. Mademoiselle Lili knows how to get box seats for the show.

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Fondation Cartier

In the big city jungle

Why travel to Costa Rica, the Amazon or the Serengeti? At Fondation Cartier in Paris you’re in the midst of it all: “The Great Animal Orchestra” commences its performance. Mademoiselle Lili is listening carefully.

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Piscine Molitor

The beach under the plaster

When the temperatures rise above 34 degrees in Paris and you need to cool off, you have to swipe your credit card if you want something a little nicer: Mademoiselle Lili went bathing in Piscine Molitor...

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