Lips Special

Design your Lips

More beautiful, fuller lips - more defined lip contours - more durability! Profit from our make-up tips. We will show you how easy and fast it is to make your lips look even more sensuous. Not just the choice of lipstick colour, but also the way you apply the colour can completely change a look. Give the lips a sensuously soft look.


Preparatory care is given to dry, chapped lips due to insufficient care with a standard cream, dry air or frequently licking the lips with the tongue.


Apply a thick layer of Daily Care Lipstick as a lip mask so that it spreads outside of the lip line, leave on for a few minutes and dab off product surplus with a tissue.


Put the selected lipstick colour on your ring finger and dab or roll on to the lips.


Shape the cupid's bow so that it's not toopointy, but more round and soft.