Refreshment for the skin

Currently, green smoothies are so on trend. They are completely healthy and, with the right blend, are full of aromas that tantalise your tastebuds. The green cocktails from La Biosthétique are Visarômes - and they have comparable effects on the skin.

With aromatherapy essences of medicinal plants in a precisely dosed blend. They are both stimulating and calming and give the metabolism a naturally pure boost - the best thing of all? They smell very good too. The natural concentrates of aromatic plants develop a synergistic effect: directly on and in the skin and indirectly via the brain's olfactory centre. For example, Visarôme Atone with an intensively stimulating and revitalising effect. Ideal for tired, stressed skin that really needs an extra boost. The blend of essences, distilled from rosemary, mint and wild thyme, as well as sage, geranium and coriander, stimulates the metabolism, enhances the effect of any subsequent anti-aging care and also imparts invigorating relaxation.

The application is simple: Mix 1 - 2 drops with about 50 ml water, moisten a cotton pad with this and tap on to the skin. Or for an even more intense effect: Mix 3 - 5 drops with half a litre of water and wash the skin with this several times or use for compresses.

All Visarômes for skin and hair: