Back from Holiday

How wonderful that you’re back from your holiday! The weather was great and you look incredibly relaxed! So here are a few tips on how to stay relaxed in your everyday life and which care is good for us and our bodies after our holiday.

True beauty comes from within!

That’s why the most important thing is to stay in a good mood. Simply download your favourite holiday picture as a background for your mobile phone, stick a few shells next to your bathroom mirror and spray holiday scent in your room and hair. Can a scent put you in the holiday mood? Yes! The right scents that repeatedly and subconsciously remind us of our relaxing holidays, whether real rosemary in your apartment or essential oils in your hair such as Visarôme Dynamique B. This aromatherapy with lavender blossoms, sage, sandalwood, etc. relieves tension and tightness. 

Nails, Nails, Nails

But we also need to support the outside of our body. Even if we holidaymakers are mostly used to warmer temperatures, in Germany it’s also very easy to wear shoes barefoot right up to autumn. Consequently, after returning from holiday, the following applies to mountain hikers and beach babes: foot care. Whilst a walk on the beach feels like a mini foot scrub depending on the size of the grains of sand, at the same time sun and salt water make the skin on the feet extremely dry. In addition, nails polished by grains of sand mostly lose their fashionable nail polish. So, after coming home it’s best to wrap the feet in a thick layer of cream and treat the nails with nail oil. Put on your socks and overnight you can treat your feet to some care and beauty sleep. The next day, rub them vigorously.

Get the salt out of your hair

After our holiday, we also need to be careful with our hair colour. Although the beach look is very fashionable with blondes, blonde hair still needs to have a healthy and conditioned shimmer and shine. That’s why you should treat your hair to aftersun sun care as soon as possible. Of course, we recommend this to brunettes, too. Whoever wants to give their hair colour an additional boost of freshness can try out the conditioning colour refresher Glam Color Advanced. Generally, in the first few weeks after their holiday in the sun, holidaymakers should use a gentle shampoo for dry hair and, depending on the condition of their hair, treat themselves to a moisture mask

An extra portion of moisture

You probably took aftersun care on your holiday, but you’ll also find this care helpful when you come back home. The special ingredients nourish the skin with everything it needs after sunbathing and a holiday in the sun – particularly moisture. Right after your holiday, your skin particularly looks forward to an After Sun Mask after cleansing. Simply apply a layer of cream to the face and neck that is as thick as the back of a knife and leave on for 15 minutes. Then lightly massage the cream in with the hands or lightly dab on with a cotton pad soaked in face lotion. If your skin is irritated and needs an extra moisture boost, perhaps only on individual body parts such as chin, elbows or knees, you will find Douceur Hydratante helpful. 

Pigment spots

Whoever suffers from pigment spots due to the scorching holiday sun can reduce these with Sérum Dépigmentant. The serum intervenes in the melanin formation process and lightens the affected areas. 

A natural mood elevator

A delicious gustatory reminder of your holiday in the form of Mediterranean fruits is a soothing balm when you long to be on holiday again. Or you can try one of the many current delicious green smoothie recipes: a sweet and sour mixture of ginger, cucumber, avocado and banana can be seasoned with exotic herbs such as coriander or a few papaya seeds to titillate your taste buds and strengthen your immune system. 

So welcome back, bon voyage and make sure you maintain your holiday beauty!