Wind, sun and sea

It’s finally holiday time! Recharge, relax, recuperate and enjoy with healthy skin and hair.

The waiting has come to an end, and it’s finally the holiday season! So that you not only look glamorous, but can also enjoy healthy sunbathing on the beach, here are the best beauty tips for face, body and hair.

Enjoy with all your senses

Your body and your mind are in celebration mode when it’s time for a holiday on the Côte d’Azur, the Atlantic or a pool surrounded by palms. The sun is so good for you because it replenishes your Vitamin D levels and makes you feel really happy and full of energy. But, in the scorching heat, you still need the necessary UV protection. Particularly pale skin is still very sensitive. You can prepare your skin for the upcoming tan a few days ahead of time with emulsion Activateur de Bronzage, an activation formulation that boosts pigmentation, hydrates the skin of the face and body and prevents premature skin aging. The waterproof Spray Invisible SPF 30 is perfect for the sun lounger as it is easy to spray on your whole body, which means you can then relax in peace and quiet.

A mermaid’s kiss

Red lipstick is rather unsuitable for diving underwater. On the beach a natural soft rosé look is much more suitable. If the combination of sea water, wind and sun gets too much, a rich lip care is the best solution because it will protect your lips from dehydration. Rapid moisturising with aloe vera, shea butter and vitamins is provided by the Daily Care Lipstick with integrated SPF 15. You can repeatedly apply this throughout the day, and its satin shimmer will give you a glorious pout.

A hint of blusher

Opt for a simple make-up look on beach days, and focus on expressive facial contours and healthy radiance! For a fine complexion, apply the face cream Traitement Jour SPF 20 in the morning to guarantee 12 hours of long-term hydration. Together with Creme Solaire SPF 50+ this protects the skin from the sun. To give the face and, above all, the cheeks even more contour and a fresh touch, choose a blusher that matches your skin tone. Tender Blush is a good option: Your facial skin will look rosy and fresher, even if you have a pale complexion. Use a blusher brush to softly circle the blusher on to the cheeks and lightly stroke it up and over the temples. In addition, apply some blusher under the eyebrows on to the outer edge of the eye above the eyelid, and thus emphasise your naturally fresh radiance. 


Whoever prefers to do without mascara while swimming can opt for thick, naturally coloured lashes. The invisible Care & Fix Lash Conditioner conditions the tiny lash hairs and gives them more resilience whilst grooming stubborn eyebrows. Simply brush on the gel and comb into the desired shape.

A glossy water ballet

Firm skin on the thighs and buttocks is vital for that perfect beach body. For intensive skin care lightly moisten the legs, and thoroughly massage in the body oil L’Huile Spa. This gives the skin even more moisture, and in addition the massage simultaneously stimulates the circulation. Naturally, aqua aerobics and backstroke are also recommended for getting the body in shape!

Taming that mermaid mane

A light breeze on the beach is very nice and really cools you off. However, if the wind tousles our hair, this is mostly annoying when strands fall into our eyes. So, here’s how to create the perfect hairstyle: Comb hair through thoroughly and work in a styling product such as Brillance Crème (care and UV protection in one!). This keeps the hair smooth and tamed even when it’s windy. Now clip long or short hair to the side with a large hair clip. Braid a few centimetres of the top part into a loose braid (at about ear-height) and fasten with a ponytail band. This styling withstands a swim and also looks good wet. In addition, the hair doesn’t get tangled and is easier to care for at home. After sunbathing, use a moisturising hair mask such as Mask Dry Hair or 2 in 1 Soleil Crème to refresh the hair’s shine and vitality.

Products for a perfect beach day and afterwards: