Summer. Sun. Holiday tan. 

The nicest part of the warm season is the wonderful holiday look you get from tanned skin. It’s just a shame when clouds or too much work prevent us from lounging in the sun. But we don’t always have to rely on UV light to give us that gorgeous glow. You can make it look like your skin has had several weeks of holiday – with sun powder, bronzing fluids and metallic shimmer effects. These give pale skin a delicate holiday complexion in the blink of an eye.  

There is a wide range of tanning alternatives. The right shades are now available for both dark and light skin types. And the different textures also offer the perfect solution for different skin types. Here you can see the La Biosthétique’s bronzing range, from terracotta powder to Glow Gel.  


The elegant terracotta powder perfectly adapts to the skin, conceals minor beauty flaws and magically gives you a beautiful holiday tan. Gives both face and décolleté a warm, naturally bronzed look and a healthy flush of colour. Tip: Finely dust on powder with a thick powder brush. Apply to the whole face or parts of the face instead of blusher on the cheeks and forehead. To ensure the effect is nice and even, first lightly mattify the skin with neutral powder.   

Earth Glow Gel 

The tinted moisturising gel with valuable moisturising ingredients makes every face glow. The complexion looks even, tight and remodelled. The complexion has a seductive shimmer that resembles an inner glow.  Tip: Directly apply to the skin with the fingertips. For an even result, it is best to start in the middle of the face, then the nostrils and corners of the mouth and subsequently work in the rest up to the edge of the face and blend outwards. Also perfect for dry skin. An additional tip for the cooler season: simply mix with your base or day care.   

Summer Touch 

The weightless, practically invisible texture with light-reflecting pigments enrobes the skin and enchants it with a delicately shimmering summer tan. Summer Touch gives your skin seductive summer radiance in a variety of shades. Tip: Simply use a make-up sponge to evenly apply to your skin after your day care. It is better to sparingly dose it and add more if needed. Blend the transitions to make it look as natural as possible.   

Glow Base 

For an extra hint of freshness: This make-up base features an enchantingly soft gel texture that lays itself on the skin like an ultra-fine veil. Glow Base perfects the skin and gives you a shimmering and youthfully tight complexion. Tip: Ideal for very fair skin types and subtle optimisation of your complexion. Evenly apply directly to the skin or over your day care. The make-up base can be used alone or under your usual foundation