Care and styling for all hair types

Each of us has very individual wishes and needs. Why should it be any different with our hair?

Conditioned hair makes us shine with self-confidence. And, of course, with beauty. Our hair is just as unique as we are. Whether magical curls or waves, long and straight or fine and thin. To ensure our hair stays healthy with a silky shine and easy stylability, every hair type needs a different treatment with the appropriate care and styling products from La Biosthétique.

Fine but wow

Short and sweet. This also applies to fine, thin hair.

Actually, fine hair is a reason to celebrate. People with fine hair have much more hair than people with hair of a normal thickness. But this isn't really visible, which is why volume is mostly challenging for this hair type. So it's best not to opt for long hair. A medium-length bob combined with optimum care perfectly flatters fine, thin hair.

Care and styling

Fine, thin hair is often more prone to become flyaway and straggly. Frequent washing is mostly a necessity. That is why: less is more. Everything that unnecessarily weighs the hair down and robs it of its lightness should be avoided. So you can rely on the special care and styling products of La Biosthétique as they are precisely geared towards the needs of fine, thin hair magically creating a voluminous and lively look.

Fine Hair Shampoo Volume contains conditioning ceramides and active wheat peptides for volume and a visible strength boost. | Revives tired hair. Fine Hair Cream rebuilds the hair structure without making the hair soft or weighing it down. | The innovative wheat protein in Fine Hair Fluide gives thin hair body, lift and liveliness.

Care tip:

"Particularly in shorter hair, intense hair colours such as light shades of blonde look very impressive. Important: An intensive colour care that gives the hair radiant shine, protects against colour and moisture loss and doesn't weigh the hair down. Such as Protection Couleur Shampoo Crystal .07 from La Biosthétique. With an integrated, highly effective colour protection complex".

Sensuous elegance for the hair: Care and styling for long, straight hair

Long and straight hair is simply gorgeous. It always looks conditioned and elegant,particularly when it has silky shine and radiance.

Many of us would like healthy, preferably long, hair. But simply letting it grow isn't enough. Straight and silky hair in particular is prone to moisture deficits and structural damage as it gets longer. It soon loses strength, volume and radiance.

Care and styling

Long hair needs lots of moisture to prevent it from becoming frizzy or even breaking off. The special care and styling products from La Biosthétique are ideal for the needs of long hair creating a wonderfully silky, shiny mane right down to the tips.

Cheveux Longs Silky Spa Shampoo intensively cleanses and conditions the hair, and contains an innovative anti-aging factor to protect against dehydration. | Cheveux Longs Luxury Spa Oil is a veritable multitalent. It gives the hair radiant shine and makes damaged hair, including sensitive tips look healthy again in a flash. | With valuable keratin building blocks, Cheveux Longs Intensive Activating Lotion works on the hair roots and thus accelerates healthy growth of the lengths.

Tip from Alexander Dinter:

"Long hair represents pure femininity. But often long hair is particularly fine and thin and soon loses vitality and volume. A reparative hair mask, such as Cheveux Longs Intensive Spa Mask from La Biosthetique, can work wonders. Containing extract of the valuable yacón root, it nourishes the hair and restores its glamour factor".

A beautiful mane to fall in love with: Care and styling for curly hair

Stubborn and difficult to tame. Wild and romantic. Curls are not only beautiful; they are also a statement. And sometimes they have a life of their own.

As impressive as they look, curls aren't always easy to style. Whether afro curls, corkscrew curls or light waves, particularly natural curls are often difficult to tame or even style.

Care and styling

Compared to straight hair, curls need much more care to prevent them from dehydrating, losing bounce or becoming frizzy. With La Biosthétique's special care and styling products geared towards the needs of curly and wavy hair, there's nothing to stop you creating a dreamy curly look.

Curl Shampoo supports the special structure of curly hair and also supplies impressively bouncy curls with silky shine. | Curl Defining Cream with Moroccan argan oil tames and defines your curly mane and gives it mega shine. | A curl refresher for between washes or as a weightless push-up care. Curl Saver Spray supplies valuable moisture and lively bounce for bunched, shiny curls.

Tip from Alexander Dinter:

"Particularly curly hair is prone to hair damage and becomes dry and brittle faster. Anti Frizz Serum from La Biosthétique coats the hair with hydrosoluble, fine silicons and lastingly stabilises its moisture balance. This protects curls and gives them an impressive look."