For naturally radiant beauty: individual, expressive, unique!

Contouring is a wonderful new colour design that creates magical effects with highlights and lowlights (light and dark shades). Blended into the base colour, this can be used to visually model the face contours: A very flat face can be made narrower and more sculpted, an oblong face can be made fuller and overly distinct lines can be softened. Little make-up tricks can be used to optimise the modelling.



Inspired by the make-up trend of the same name, CONTOURING uses cleverly arranged colour highlights and shadows to particularly flatter the natural attributes of your facial contour. The colour result is a continuous colour progression with CONTOURING effects which, depending on the customer’s wish, can vary from soft and natural to defined and accentuated. The colour creation of light and shadow emphasises your natural beauty and makes it shine.



You too can emphasise your natural face contour for that special wow effect! Make a statement. Your statement!

Shape your look — Your personal contouring guide

International Creative Color Director Andrea Bennett:

“Contouring for hair is this year’s international beauty hype. Which areas to emphasise completely depends on your personal face shape and contour. Whether round, oblong, oval, heart-shaped or square – there is the right personalised contouring look for every type”.

Diamond-shaped face

It is striking and almost rectangular. Cheekbones and jawline look much wider than the forehead.

To distract from the severe shape and make it look softer, the coloration aims to provide a dynamic colour progression with individual bright highlights distributed over the whole head. In addition, flattering light effects are placed directly around the face contour.

Make-up: strong accents distract the focus from the rather angular shape. For example, a bright eye make-up with dark mascara, eye pencil and eyeliner. A brightly emphasised mouth has the same effect.

Round face

It is large and full. The contour is extremely soft and almost a little blurred.

Bright light accents are placed on the top of the head, but the roots are kept a bit darker. The side hair is also coloured in a somewhat darker shade. The lightness at the top of the head and colour depth at the sides make the face look narrower and more contoured.

Make-up: Apply to the highest point of the cheekbones and stroke the blusher outwards in the direction of the earlobes.

Narrow face

It has a long shape, the cheekbones are less distinct and the side contours look flat.

To visually shorten the long shape, bright highlights of varying intensities to match the base colour are added around the face. This increases its area and width.

Make-up: The blusher is applied from the highest point of the cheekbones like a triangle in the middle of the face and pulled downwards. A hint of powder on the hairline and along the chin line also helps to visually shorten the face.

Triangular face

Typical features include a relatively broad forehead, sculpted cheekbones and a shape that gets narrower towards the bottom.

To make the proportions look more balanced, the top of the head is coloured in a darker shade and the hair lengths are lightened from the height of the ears – this makes the bottom half of the face look fuller. Additionally placed light accents around the fringe area soften the overly dominant forehead.

Make-up: Here you can easily work with two different shades of powder: shade the side forehead with the darker shade and lighten the outer cheeks. Blend the transitions well with the powder brush. Ideal: Contouring Powder by La Biosthétique.

Fresh, invigorating and intense — your personal contouring care

GLAM COLOR cares for and intensifies the shading of your CONTOURING look and makes your hair shine. The contained colour pigments guarantee stable colour refreshing for three to five washes. For noticeably healthier feeling hair with ultimate durability.