Glam Rock

Festive looks with a pinch of rock 'n' roll.

Bob Power


Rosé shades provide a hint of gentle innocence: True Color Lipstick Baroque Rose coats the lips in colour, the nail polish Brilliant Nail Lily completes and modernises the look. For angel eyes generously dab Glamour Kit Gold on to the lids!

Soft Bob

Spray Volumising Lotion into damp hair and blow-dry hair over a medium round brush such as Ceramic & Ion 45mm. Curl wide sections on the right and left of the centre parting with large curling irons from top to bottom and lightly brush out with the head upside down.

Bags with bling

There are hand bags that make all jewellery superfluous. When metallic leather, golden accents and elegant quilting are combined as in this work of art by Valentino, other accessories become too much and even distract from the main attraction - yourself!

Hot Glamour

Soft lilac flowing silk and a super simple cut with delicate spaghetti straps and a low-cut back: sexy can be so simple! A glittery body (here from Indress at turns every outfit into a spectacular party look.

Rock Chic

Nude Glam

This shimmering eye look shows how glamorous soft shades can be. The lid was primed with Silky Eyes Soft Gold. Then use Pencil for Eyes Mocha Silk to draw eyeliner from the middle of the lid, and only apply brown mascara to the top lashes - done! 


Blow-dry the mid-length layered haircut backwards with Pilviplax S and the brush Denman D84 Small and style with Style Pomade and the fingers. Use Spray Artistique and a brush to hold back the sides. Fix with a hint of Formule Laque.


Shoes are wearable works of art. Period. Although this is probably truer for some than others. These silver iridescent court shoes with princess appeal by Amina Muaddi ( are however undoubtedly works of art.


Neutral is definitely not dull! Paired with silver and gold, nude is transformed into the ultimate evening colour, and creates a uniquely elegant impression so that it effortlessly steals the show from louder shades. Balmain-Top at, shoulder bag by

Young lady like

Colouring inside the lines

Eyeliner and brows in perfect harmony. Use Easy Liner Black to draw a line that runs out and up, and carefully define the brows with Automatic Pencil for Brows. Lips and nails remain neutral. Tender Blush in Mystic Red adds a hint of colour.

Casually undone

Dry the hair with Fixateur Mousse and put in medium curlers, heat well with a blow-dryer and diffuser. Cool hair, take out curlers and style the curls with some Constructor paste and the fingertips. Brush the section at the temples down.


This sophisticated look with extravagant eyeliner pays homage to the mod style of the 60s. It looks good with an outfit with slightly masculine appeal. The high-heel wedges from COS ( form the perfect balance between feminine elegance and androgyny.


Who says you can only wear a little black dress on special occasions? Leave conventional garments for the others, and stand out with a sophisticated and reduced look that will attract attention to your personality (knitted top from



This striking curly look is best worn with a subtle outfit and make-up. A flawlessly matte complexion is important. The cheeks are gently accentuated with Sunsation Honey and the lips shine with Cream Gloss Nougat to look both seductive and natural.


A big curly head as an eyecatcher for that big event: Spray Curl Activator into damp hair, and knead the natural curls dry with a blow-dryer, diffuser and your hands. Bunch with Curl Defining Cream, then spray the head upside down with Spray Artistique while kneading the curls.


Jewellery or no jewellery? That is the question. The answer to this mostly depends on your character and personal preferences. In this case, it looks as beautiful as it does elegant when the shape and structure of the earrings resembles a jewellery continuation of the curly hairstyle.

Less is more

When it comes to the curly look: the bigger, the better. But it's precisely the opposite when it comes to your wardrobe. A simple knitted top of ultra thin Lurex yarn (from Missoni on flatters every woman, and lets the spectacular curly hairstyle take centre stage.