More ways to combat hair loss.

There are over 120,000 hairs on our head: that's about 225 hairs per square-centimetre. So a whole lot and no big deal if we lose a few of them. If fewer than 80 a day fall on our clothes or stick to our pillow, that's completely normal and no cause for concern. But if there are more, we recommend you do something about this.

Normally, our scalp is in balance. Hairs come and go: new ones come through and old ones fall out. A natural, healthy process that relates to the various growth phases. But in addition to genetic causes there are often particularly irritating things, such as excess stress, organic reasons, certain medications or an unhealthy diet that can pose a risk for our previously luscious locks. But no matter whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, black, red, brown, grey or blonde: Hair is more than just a style and losing them is more than just an aesthetic problem.

With Dermosthétique Anti-Age by La Biosthétique you don’t have to give in. Instead, you can solve the problem: with a unique concept to combat hair loss – no matter whether hereditary, patchy or androgenic. Scientific studies prove that the active ingredient complex to combat hair loss achieves successful results. The hair becomes fuller and grows longer.

The active concept for more hair body starts by washing the hair with Dermosthétique Shampooing Actif N or F, which supply the scalp with rejuvenating cell-active active ingredients while you wash and deactivate destructive free radicals. This protects the hair and scalp from aging processes and hair loss.

Therapie Anti-Chute by Dermosthétique contains an innovative active ingredient complex to combat hair loss and lastingly strengthen hair growth. The hair becomes thicker, stabler and fuller. Temporary, patchy and genetic hair loss, even in men, are reduced by up to one-third after just two months.