Glamour looks for the holidays

Christmas and New Year's Eve are just around the corner! The outfit for both occasions is already fixed. Now all that's really missing is the right hair & make-up look.

Together with our fashion partner Talbot Runhof, our Creative Director Alexander Dinter has elegantly staged two trendy looks. Here he reveals what to keep in mind when styling this year.

Christmas and New Year's Eve can handle glamour. What are the hair & makeup trends for the holidays?

Glamour and sparkle during Christmas and New Year's Eve are obligatory! Separate a deep ponytail at the nape of the neck and fix it with the hair tie. The hair tie is wrapped with your own hair and is therefore no longer visible. A few loose sections on the contour and forehead look very charming and soft. 

How do I quickly and easily style a glamorous look for the holidays at home?

As always, the key is the preparation. The hair should be blow-dried nice and flat on the head, the contours are also important. The parting should not be too perfectly divided. A hair tie with a hook is helpful for a ponytail, this can be wrapped with your own hair afterwards. A little hairspray to fix and the ponytail sits neatly. In addition, some foam for the texture of the tight hair.

What product is essential here?

To blow dry the hair, a hair mousse is a very good base for the desired shape and for a beautiful, well-groomed hair structure. The foam can also be applied to the tight hair on the head after the ponytail for more texture.

Some gloss spray is important for the sparkle. Hairspray to fix is a very good finish for all looks. But the right brush is also important, this creates a lot of shine and does not damage the hair. 

The perfect party look for New Year's Eve?

I actually find the wet look the number 1. for New Year's Eve. It works with any hair length and almost any hair texture. The right product is very important here: 

La Biosthétique Styling Cocktail with Weightless Conditioning Oil + Molding Cream are mixed in your hand and applied to hair that is only slightly damp, parting by parting. The look lasts all night, from dinner to the party and even longer... no problem!

The styling cocktail is applied to slightly damp hair with your hands and combed neatly back with the comb. A high ponytail is fixed tightly with the hair tie. The styling cocktail is once again worked into the rest of the hair or into the ponytail, then the ponytail is twisted/corded in itself, wrapped tightly around the hair tie and the resulting shape is fixed with bobby pins. The protruding ends of the hair are made flat and shiny with the straightening iron, like a small brush. The fine hair on the front contours are combed into the forehead with a small brush. Finally, spray Glossing Spray for a lot of sparkle.

Which hair & make-up look would you recommend with just too glittery materials?

Both looks go perfectly with glittery materials. The make-up should show a "juicy" healthy skin, so never use too much makeup. The skin must look like skin! A bright mouth or emphasized eyes, better just one of the two, are quite enough. Eyebrows either very fine or bushy, both a statement, but must be in shape :)

Detox after New Year's Eve: How do I also give my hair some rest?

Our La Biosthétique Long Hair Serie offers stressed long hair the daily care but also an intensive repair mask. 

For colored hair, the Colour Protection Serie, helps, also with deep-conditioning: Colour Protection Structure Restoring Treatment.

The products for the perfect festive look: