Flawlessly matte complexion, expressive eyes and a sensuous red pout - mysterious and seductive.


To properly present the highlights of the make-up "la Parisienne", we need an even, matte complexion as a base. This is achieved by evenly applying the delicate cream make-up Teint Naturel to the skin. It conceals minor unevenness and gives you a fresh and flawless finish.


First use Magnefix to ensure better adhesion of the eyeshadow and eyeliner. Carefully distribute on the top lid and then apply the powder eyeshadow Magic Shadow in "04 Champagne" with the brush to create the first accents. For the typically French "little wings" above the eyelid, first lightly dip the brush into some water and then carefully mix with Magic Shadow "39 Cool Brown" . Begin at the outside of the eye, draw the wings and then work inwards to continue the arch along the top eyelid. Now apply two to three generous coats of Perfect Volume volumising mascara. To complete the eye make-up, first fill in your own eyebrows with Automatic Pencil for Brows in "B03 Beige", and then lightly draw over this to create the perfect brow arch.


Some Silky Mineral Powder on the cheekbones fixes the make-up and emphasises the matte and silky complexion. Then use N° 4 fan brush to gently distribute Tender Blush Passion powder blusher in "Mystic Red" on to the cheekbones to magically give the face a fresh look.


A red pout is an essential part of the make-up look "la Parisienne". The Sensual Lipstick Creamy (here: "C141 Passion Red") conditions the lips with valuable oils, rich mango butter and beeswax. To give the lip line an even more precise outline and make the lips look even fuller, it is best to apply the lipstick with a brush.


The colour red looks great as a dominant part of this look. Brilliant Nail "Cherry" nail polish also skilfully creates another highlight.

Tip from International Make-up Artist Steffen Zoll:

"For a matte complexion first apply a good base to the face. The silky anti-aging make-up Teint Naturel ideally blends with the skin, and makes it look wonderfully smooth and even. The basis for the make-up look "la Parisienne".

Use these products to create the make-up look "la Parisienne":