Lift me up.

Put on your skis and take off into the snow: ski season is open! To make sure you can properly enjoy the winter fun, you have to pay attention to a few things to avoid sunburn, chapped skin and dry hair. Because you have to be particularly careful in the snow. With the right products and a couple of useful tips, Jack Frost will be no match for you.

Onto the slopes - ready, set, go!

The wind and icy cold make the skin dry out very fast. Because it stops producing fat even at temperatures of eight degrees above zero. That is why a rich day cream with a higher oil content is vital for every winter care. Douceur Riche is the perfect cream for this. It gives dehydrated facial skin an extra portion of intensive care and repair: with plant lipids, panthenol, medicinal white oil and Vitamin E. After care with Douceur Riche, dry skin is relaxed and calmed. The barrier layer is strengthened. The skin is intensively supplied with moisture and given a radiant new glow.

Sounds strange, but it’s true ...

On a skiing holiday sun protection is even more important than on the beach. Because the aggressive rays in the alpine mountains and the reflection of the snow amplify the effect of sun exposure: UV radiation increases by 10 percent for every 1000 metres of height. In addition, the snow reflects up to 80 percent of the radiation. That is why it is vital to use make-up with UV protection. For example, Teint Naturel. The anti-aging make-up melts into the skin and magically gives you a flawless complexion that is as smooth as that of Snow White. In addition, it is enriched with protective Vitamin C and E, which protect the delicate facial skin against damaging environmental influences and make it more resistant. An effective UV filter protects against damaging sun rays and prevents premature skin aging.  


For the extremely thin skin of the sensitive lips, one thing is particularly important: it should always be kept dry to prevent frostbite. That is why it is better to never moisten the lips with the tongue, but to always keep a lip care with SPF on hand. For example, you can put the Daily Care Lipstick in your anorak pocket. The lip care stick restores silky softness to chapped lips, provides plenty of moisture and gives them natural shine. The integrated SPF 15 protects the delicate skin from cold, wind and dehydrating sun.


At some point, the most beautiful day on the slopes has to come to an end, and the last descent takes you right to the next après-ski hut. To ensure that your mood is not ruined by a chapped red face, you should apply a bit of colour. The cream make-up compact Perfect Foundation combines a delicately soft cream with an ultra-fine powder. High-quality active ingredients give the skin maximum softness, protect it from dehydration and maintain its natural balance. And it’s much easier to have fun when you have a radiant complexion!

A treat for the soul.

t's medically proven that women get cold faster: that is why every ski bunny likes to end her day with some extra warmth. So run the water and pour Le Sel de Bain into your tub: Spa Le Sel de Bain has the scent of pure relaxation and was created by the master of scent essences, Geza Schön. The next day you are relaxed and perfectly cared for: up the mountain and get on the skis!

Hands up!

Now it is time to give a bit of extra care to hands that are tucked in thick gloves all day long. Traitement Mains is a cell-active repair care that regenerates stressed hands, reduces pigment disorders and supplies balancing moisture. Specific active ingredients strengthen, calm and stabilise the stressed skin of demanding hands. And the best thing of all: it is absorbed in a flash!

Now you need something mild.

After après-ski is the best time to relax. To ensure the body and skin are able to regenerate and you are ready for the next day on the slopes. To remove your make-up after a long day in the snow, you need mild cleansing products that must definitely be alcohol- and soap-free. Mousse Nettoyante is a cell-active cleansing mousse that gently frees the skin from make-up and sun cream residue. At the same time, it maintains the skin’s natural balance.

By the way By the way ...

Mild, oil-replenishing shampoos (e.g. Lipokerine B ) are particularly good for hair and scalp during the ski helmet and hat season. And for extra hair protection: when you wash it, rinse it with cool water, blow-dry it at low temperatures wherever possible and avoid intensive brushing!