Finally the time has come, and it’s the start of the party and ball season. To ensure you truly shine and look relaxed in soft candlelight, as well as garish party lights, La Biosthétique has some practical tips for your party styling – for body, make-up and hair …

Ideally: The (New Year’s Eve) party kicks off, you are completely relaxed and your hair and make-up look perfect. But often it’s unfortunately the case that you had to do a lot during the day, got home and had to wash your clothes. Where is your black shirt for this evening that would look great with your blazer? You ask yourself: “What should I wear instead?” There’s no more time to iron, so what should you do? Relax! Of course, not with a long and time-consuming bath, but with the right aromatherapy.

Take four important minutes for yourself: drip some Visarôme Dynamique E on to your scalp and deeply inhale the scent. The calming aromatherapy complex of Visarôme Dynamique E with the essential oils of bitter orange peel, bergamot, mandarin peel, palmarosa and citronella grass and spicy thyme intensively calms your frazzled nerves.

And now you can get going: you do without your shirt or blouse and opt for a bra and blazer – after all, the right look is all about you and not your clothes! So emphasise your décolleté! With a hint of Sunsation terracotta powder, you can accentuate the middle and top of your cleavage. Whether with or without a blouse, you will look fantastic. 

Now on to the next step in the ideal scenario: at the party, you are enjoying some finger food, drinking some champagne and your lips are glowing with a seductive red. It’s midnight, you go outside and watch the fabulous fireworks, a few drops of rain run down your lashes, but your eyes continue to shine with perfectly applied mascara. And the weather doesn’t bother your hair either. Is this even possible? But of course! With the right make-up no problem!
Let’s start with the make-up. For a long night we recommend Teint Naturel foundation with the finest light-reflecting micropigments for a flawless complexion.The Concealer Cover & Light magically erases whatever gets in the way of a perfect complexion. Dark eye bags and fine lines have no chance. And Extreme Stay Powder ensures your complexion stays fresh all night long.

Now it’s time to create accents: to match the décolleté the cheeks are given a sun-kissed look with Sunsation. True Color Lipstick gives your lips impressive shine with its intense colour effect. Whether a martini glass or a midnight kiss, True Color Lipstick lasts and lasts and lasts … Naturally emphasise the eyes with Mascara – ideally Perfect Style, for a breathtaking gaze. For the right effect on your eyelids apply the highly pigmented Magic Shadow Duo. With the long-lasting colours Mint and Plum your look will remain festive all night long.

Now it’s time to focus on the hair styling:
How about a La Biosthétique curly look? Prepare hair for the heat with Curl Protect & Style by spraying the heat protection on to dry hair. Then wind the hair, strand by strand, on to curling irons. The more time you have, the smaller the strands and the more curls on your head. Whoever wants volume can back-comb the roots before curling the hair. Everyone else can wind the strands around the curling irons (for a conical shape: the narrower and thinner it is wound, the smaller the curl) and let the hair heat up for 15 seconds. Then let the curls cool, separate them from the bottom and then fix with Formule Laque Fine. The uncomplicated look emphasises your relaxed appearance.
Your evening should ideally continue as follows: … Then you enjoy dancing with your friends and take crazy photos on the dance floor – without a shiny forehead or nose. But wait, your hairstyle changed – you look wilder and more daring – but still beautifully styled. After it got hotter and hotter, you took your hair and simply put it up with a clip. Thanks to the curls, the new look lasts without a problem. You look great!

The night can go on and on like this … relaxed, carefree and easy ... party on!