In a nutshell.

Whether short or long, straight or curly hair, this style will tame them all. This season, the classic ponytail is not just the fastest style to create, but also bang on trend.

The ponytail works with almost every hairstyle and has many variations: strict with gel and geometric partings, a loose undone look bound at the nape or very playful with voluminously back-combed curls. Anything goes. The choice is yours! 

The historic predecessor of the ponytail was part of men's wig hairstyles of the 18th century. In the 1930s, film icon Marlene Dietrich wore a ponytail that was strictly combed back to 

emphasise her striking facial features. The hairstyle gained popularity among others because of Pablo Picasso, who repeatedly painted his muse Sylvette David with a ponytail. And since 1976, designer Karl Lagerfeld has popularised the male ponytail and made it his trademark. 

These days, the super fast hairstyle not only comes to the rescue on bad hair days, but is also a fashion statement. Everything you need for the perfect look: at least chin-length hair and a hair band to tie it back. And that's when it starts with the styling chameleon: for example, with a low ponytail bound at the nape. This always looks more elegant than a high ponytail. To give the hair additional volume, blow-dry your hair with your head upside down and then lightly back-comb at the top of the head. Finally, the hair is loosely tied at the nape and fastened with a wide hair band.

The Rockabilly!

For the 1950s hairstyle, precisely comb your hair back out of your face, tie back at the highest point of the back of your head, fasten with a hair band and wrap a wide band around it. Then blow-dry the tips inwards over a round brush.

Brillant fastened.

Evening ponytails must be full of elegant shine. First wash the hair with a shine shampoo. Then fasten the straight, dry hair with a precise parting and generously spray with shine spray.

Stylishly silky matte.

Or you can use Cream Clayby La Biosthétique: This light modelling paste texturises the hair without weighing it down and gives it a silky matte shimmer. Cream Clay gives curly or straight, long, hair structured texture and interesting accents.

By the way:

Your ponytail is given the best hold if your hair is not freshly washed. This gives it more texture and ensures it doesn't slide out of the ponytail band as fast.