Scent notes

You may love them and find them seductive or wrinkle your nose and turn away from them. But one thing is sure – scents never go unnoticed. Even the briefest encounter can leave a trace.

Less is more!

A carefully chosen fragrance is like a sensual signature of your personality. Ideally it delicately expresses your individual uniqueness and is easy to remember. Because the nose is our most sensitive sensory organ strong scents are unpleasant and irritate the trigeminal nerve, a highly sensitive facial sensor. Thus, intensive and heavy scents often cause a headache
Tip: Replenish and refresh your scent throughout the day rather than all at once.

Wind Song

Scents, once they have escaped the bottle, float weightlessly in the air. You can feel them, but you can’t see them – just like music. It’s no coincidence that the vocabulary of perfumiers is pretty musical. 

There are notes – light and dark, mellow and assertive, just like a melody. And the notes are combined to form accords and the whole set is ultimately a composition. And this sometimes becomes a masterpiece that remains alive for decades and is eternally loved.

Scented Memos

One of the most renowned scent researchers and professor of cell physiology, Hans Hatt, revealed in an interview* his own personal trick to sharpen his concentration: He sprays a certain scent on his sleeve that he inhales when his attention is waning. This is heightened conditioning of the brain, but fairly easy to imitate. And it can also be used in stressful situations. It doesn’t really matter which scent you choose. What is important is that you only use it for one single purpose that the brain then «remembers". It doesn’t have to be an expensive perfume either – the invigorating or calming essences of Visarôme by La Biosthétique are also up to this task.

Scent Psychology

There are women who turn their scent into an unmistakable trademark that they remain true to for years. No compro-mises. Others have an entire «scent wardrobe" in their bathroom – another perfume for each outfit. There are also those who change their scent depending on their mood. And those who can define their entire biography based on certain scents. In keeping with the motto: new chapter of life, new man, new perfume. The interesting thing about all this: the names and brands of the scents may change, but the family almost always remains the same. The scent family, that is. Whoever likes tangy or lively aromas will almost never like a lavishly oriental scent. Some scent researchers even think that such preferences are shaped as early as childhood. Example: whoever has a good relationship to their mother will probably choose their own perfume from the same or a similar family. Or – with a difficult relationship – choose a completely different direction.

Scent in your hair

Freshly washed hair has its own very special magic. The gorgeous perfume of your shampoo surrounds the head and is spread with every movement of your hair. A magic that mostly disappears all too fast. Even though the experts have proclaimed that hair is the perfect scent carrier. And it is precisely this that makes it prone to absorbing undesirable scents. And what should you do if your shampoo and conditioner have very different scents and these scents don’t really go together? La Biosthétique has the perfect solution. All products in a range have their very own perfume. This makes the scent last longer and spread its magic molecules long after applying the care. For example in the Cheveux Longs long hair range.

Spa Feeling

Body care without a beautiful scent is only half the enjoyment no matter how exclusive the active ingredients. That is why La Biosthétique commissi¬oned the internationally renowned perfumier Geza Schön to develop a very special perfume for its SPA range. The result is an unusual creation that has inspired us and which many of our customers meanwhile love. A scent that combines the freshness of limes, the aromatic notes of lemon grass and green pepper and a very sensuous accord of vanilla, cedar and a hint of musk. Now this range has some new products – soap, deodorant, bath salts and a hand cream. For the perfect SPA feeling all products naturally contain highly effective active ingredients for a velvety soft skin sensation, for example milk and yoghurt.

Air Design

This is the name of a section in the marketing microcosm of fine scents. Branches of fashion and furniture stores, hotels, airlines and even banks have their own room scents created to match their brand image. Why? To manipulate people as secret seducers? Not necessarily and at least not directly. It’s more about well-being. When you enter these scented rooms for the second time, you feel as if you are visiting an old friend. Because your brain’s olfactory centre can remember every scent it has ever perceived. The remarkable thing about this: you don’t even have to consciously notice it.

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