Whilst many people have always opted for matte, vibrant lipsticks in the past few years, this season shiny glosses are celebrating their big comeback. It’s not just on the runways in the high fashion world that the designers are opting more for brilliant lips: In the rest of the women’s world the trendy summer lip look is also completely recommended and suitable for everyday wear.    

Shimmer and shine.  

Glossy lips represent pure seduction. The lightly tinted lipglosses give the mouth sensuous shine. And lipgloss has several advantages: The lips are given a high shine, they look fuller, are supplied with sufficient moisture and also protected from dehydration.   

Here’s how:  

For long hold first thinly prime the lips with concealer, then use a make-up base or a subtle lipliner. Last but not least, apply lipgloss. Whoever wants to additionally conjure up a 3D effect can combine two shades: Apply the darker shade to the whole mouth. Then apply the lighter shade to the middle of the mouth. The layering effect makes the mouth look bigger.  

Who does it look good on?  

Fairer complexions should opt for soft rose or apricot shades. Darker complexions look better with bright, darker shades. For the everyday look nude look lip colours are a lovely alternative. And whoever has slightly yellow teeth can conceal this with a bluish shade: it makes the teeth look whiter.    

Hydro Gloss  

Absolute shine with a moisturising care sensation: Hydro Gloss is a moisturising balm that gives the lips a sensuously shiny finish. The formulation with its shiny, softly tinted and non-sticky film gently glides over the lips as you apply it, and is enriched with high-quality ingredients. 

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