SOS care for dry hair

Dry hair? Effective care can help!

Do you know why your hair is so dry? Has your hair perhaps suffered from frequent styling, salt water or simply your stressful lifestyle? With a few tips and tricks, you can change brittle hair into healthy hair and dull hair into shiny hair. Let us show you how!

Do you have brittle and dry hair? If so, you’re not alone! Many women suffer from this because it is due to our lifestyle: dry air, the wrong care products and high stress cause physical imbalances. The scalp and hair suffer as a result. In addition, certain styling rituals (blow-drying, straightening irons, combing of wet hair) or other external influences cause structural damage in the hair.

We’ll show you how to find the right care for you and your dry hair and how to care for your scalp. Because dry hair can be avoided!

Why is my hair so dry?

To keep the scalp soft, it is covered with a hydrolipid film, which is formed of the secretions of the sebaceous and sweat glands. When we comb the hair, these secretions are distributed along the hair. As long as the scalp is in balance and neither too many nor too few secretions are distributed on the hair, your hair looks loose, light and shiny. When the hair is dry, this balance is impaired. The glands mostly produce insufficient secretions. Dry hair is at the mercy of the elements, the structure is damaged and the hair becomes brittle and lacklustre. Care for both – scalp and hair.

SOS care for dry hair

For extensive help for dry hair you should first pamper your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment and then lastingly use the right care – for scalp and hair. But your dry hair first needs care: the regenerative deep-conditioning mask Mask Dry Hair deeply and rapidly repairs the hair with a lipid cocktail. The former penetrates the hair structure and repairs dry hair. The latter restore the hair’s protective lipid film. Moroccan argan oil supplies the hair with the fatty substances it lacks. Active ingredients from the desert rose regulate the hair’s impaired moisture balance. After just a 10-minute activation time, the hair is soft and shiny again.

In the long term, the moisturising shampoo Shampoo Dry Hair puts an end to dry hair. The result is visible after just five shampoos. Coconut surfactants provide particularly gentle cleansing to protect the lipid film. Soy lecithin is oil-replenishing and smoothens the damaged cuticle. In this product too, the lipid cocktail regenerates dry hair.

After washing, immediately distribute Conditioner Dry Hair into the hair and leave in for two to three minutes. The deep-conditioning treatment repairs dry hair with mango seed oil. Black oat extracts form a moisture-binding protective film on the hair.

People in a rush should opt for Conditioning Spray Dry Hair. It instantly restores softness and, above all, combability to structurally damaged hair. It also contains oats and soy lecithin, as well as the lipid cocktail. In addition, wheat microproteins give previously dry hair shine. After washing, simply and evenly spray the 2-phase express protein spray into towel-dried hair and leave in.

All four SOS products for dry hair have a fresh scent of bergamot, rhubarb and peach.

Is the result of the right care instantly visible?

Yes, the SOS products strengthen the structure, repair the hair and give it shine. If your hair is brittle and thin due to impaired secretion production, the result will only be visible as your new hairs grow in. This means you will have to wait at least two weeks to see the first results.

The La Biosthétique SOS products for dry hair: