Spring fresh!

Tips for skin and hair in spring.

Finally, you can go out again and enjoy the fresh air, sun and warmth. But, you shouldn’t neglect your skin and hair. Outshine the sun and wear protection against its intense rays. 

Don’t forget your UV protection!

The power of the spring sun is often underestimated. You don’t feel the intensity right away as it is sometimes hidden by the still cool temperatures. However, our wintry pale skin is extremely sensitive and only gradually rebuilds its natural protection against UV rays. This is why, those who can’t resist long sessions in the sun, need the right SPF. For day care we recommend: La Biosthétique Soleil Emulsion SPF 15 which has a special tanning activator and Dermosthétique Traitement Jour SPF 20 which combines anti-aging care with an SPF which helps prevent premature aging. 

A radiant complexion! 

The sun is shining, and unfortunately your wintry pale skin looks even paler? This doesn’t have to be the case. Tinted day creams and transparent bronzing gels give it a fresh touch without heavy coverageEarth Glow Gel with moisturisers and an incorporated UV filter instantly helps you gain a shimmering, softly tanned summer complexion, and Teint Frais is a tinted emulsion with essential vitamins and lotus blossom extract that melts into the skin and gives it a fresh, dewy look. A good trick to magically give the face a glowing bronzed look is to apply terracotta powder – over the whole face or as a blusher. Try: Sunsation Terra.

Fresh colour for your hair

A winter of central heating is stressful for the hair and often makes it a dryer and more brittle. Colour also loses its intensity and tone. This can be rapidly remedied with one of the conditioning and colour-refreshing shampoos and conditioners by Protection Couleur. They quickly restore its brilliance and radiance. Available in warm and cool shades for blonde, red and brown hair.

These are the favorite products in spring: