First aid for stressed skin

Save your skin from dying of thirst!

This mask restores your relaxed beauty - new moisture mask MASQUE HYDRO-SENSITIF provides an instant solution with a lasting effect Text The signs of stress and tiredness will first become apparent on the face. Not just by eye bags and creases caused by dryness, but also by sallow skin, inflammations and blemishes. You can temporarily conceal these, but that's not a real solution! The real remedy? Instant relaxation. Not just for body and mind, but particularly for the facial skin. As a first aid measure, try the new calming moisture mask Masque Hydro-Sensitif.

 Lasting moisture care for your face

The face mask strengthens the skin's barrier function. Repair active ingredients such as blackcurrant seed oil and balloon vine extract act on the weak areas and repair the skin. Inflammations are reduced and their itchiness is soothed. Blemishes and skin irritations are visibly reduced and lastingly prevented.

On the other hand, Masque Hydro Sensitif lastingly restores the skin's moisture: The synergy of the cell-active hydro active ingredient with different hyaluronic acids also reduces water loss and holds the moisture in the skin. The skin's own hyaluronic acid synthesis quenches the skin's thirst so that after a short time it appears tighter and plumper. You wash the mask off, but the relaxation and restored beauty remain.