Summer of love

A long and lovely summer day. Life is beautiful…

Summer Beauty

The sun is the joie de vivre that makes happy hormones dance in the body. It caresses the skin with its warmth and conjures up glittering highlights in the hair. Today, you can laughingly counter the tricky sides of its rays. With highly effective UV protection and aftersun repair care. The hair feels particularly good with Soleil Shampooing, which contains sunflower 

extract to very gently cleanse the hair and neutralise free radicals. The aftersun care is perfected with the hair treatment Soleil Crème, which instantly repairs minor damage and makes the hair fit for the next sunny day.

Summer Feeling

The sun makes you beautiful! When your eyes shine, your facial features are relaxed and your softly tanned complexion makes a lot of make-up unnecessary. To ensure neither burning nor redness dull this enjoyment, you should gradually introduce the skin to the sun. Soleil Spray Invisible SPF 30 gives you invisible, waterproof protection and boosts pigmentation with a natural tanning activator. Ideal for sensitive skin and children’s skin: Soleil Emulsion SPF 25.

Enjoy Your Summer of love