Volume & Shape

The perfect styling solution for hold, shape and noticeably more volume. Particularly suitable for natural looks with movement on medium hair lengths.

Get the Look Volume & Shape:

To the video tutorial

Get Formule Laque Fine, the aerosol fine hairspray, and Volumising Lotion, the lotion for more volume:

Step 1

Volumising Lotion is sprayed evenly into towel-dried hair. Then the hair is split into 2-3 loose sections with a wide-toothed comb. The individual sections are fastened with a clip. 

Step 2

Now blow-dry the bottom section – the nape – with the nozzle and the La Biosthétique styling brush 5 – 6 times horizontally, first in one direction, then in the opposite direction. This will create natural volume at the roots.

Step 3

Once the roots are dry at the bottom, blow-dry lengths and tips over the brush. Continue to work the same way in the sections above this. Ideally, always work from bottom to top. Then the hair is once again loosely blow-dried in all directions and shaped. Finally, apply Formule Laque Fine to the hair.

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