White wedding

Are you about to get married? We'll provide you with inspiration for bridal hair and make-up to ensure you have an unforgettably beautiful day.

Intricate bridal up-dos, lavish make-up and giant meringue wedding dresses are a thing of the past. Today's bride is independent, free and confident, and shows herself at her wedding as the modern woman that she truly is: she prefers subtle shades and naturalness. Instead of exaggerated glamour, she shines with her cleverly placed, cool highlights. This could be an extravagant eyeliner in white or a more classic version in eyecatching black, Whichever you choose the complexion remains natural and has a silky vibrance. The natural beauty look for the wedding is completed by hair that the bride, who wants to enjoy the most beautiful day of her life, casually pins up at the back of her head, braids or leaves loosely draped over her naked shoulders. Subtle floral accessories, fine hair jewellery or a very delicate veil emphasise the romantic Bohemian look. Volume spray and skilful finger styling are all you need for an enchantingly natural and beautiful bridal look. One that's super easy to create. Authentic and down-to-earth.

Waves and golden shimmer

Every bride wants their wedding day to be simply perfect. But don't overdo it with the perfection! This particularly applies to your hair. Waves that look finger-combed and loose strands that are caressed by the wind look casual and wonderfully relaxed. Just as you will be on your big day: Casual and wonderfully relaxed. Particularly blonde brides look really good with a light golden shimmer. A colour-refreshing care in advance emphasises the golden reflexes in your hair. When it comes to make-up, opt for similarly natural shades: Bronze eyeshadow magically adds shine to your top lid and makes your eyes shine. Some golden highlighter on your cupid's bow turns beautiful lips into the focal point. You've earned a kiss today!

Romantically braided

In the last few years, braided hair has been enjoying a big revival. But at your wedding you want a modern interpretation: a casually cool version of the classically traditional braided hairstyle. That is why the fishtail braid is the perfect choice. Loosely braided at the nape, your hairstyle is given a wild touch. It goes best with romantic dresses, e.g. with lace and an al fresco wedding.

A braided twist

Give the fishtail braid a special twist by artistically but loosely pinning and twisting it at the nape. A matte finish adds texture and emphasises the hair structure.

Radiantly silky

The most important thing about a successful bridal make-up is the complexion: It should be radiantly beautiful and survive tears of joy or emotional moments, but it should still be light and airy. A highlighter adds sparkling accents, a powder compact mattifies the complexion, makes it even and is ideal for carrying in your hand bag.

A clear trend

What would Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren do without eyeliner? The softly curved line is as sophisticated as it is sexy, it frames your gaze, makes your eyelashes look fuller and your eyes look bigger. Bright eyeshadow on the top lid and beautifully defined brows emphasise this effect. Your eyes are ready. You just have to make them look like they're shining with happiness. A soft pomegranate red shade on the lips completes the look.

Wonderful in white

White eyeliner: Dare to wear this original version of the classic Bardot eyeliner which is undoubtedly an eyecatcher. The bright shade gives your gaze a certain freshness and your look a very confident yet delicate touch. Here too the eyebrows are fixed and the lips are only delicately emphasised in rosewood. The seductive eyeliner looks perfect with glamorous curls that feature wonderfully enchanting bounce, particularly with shoulder-length hair.

Hair and make-up favourites for your wedding:

Dream wedding

On your wedding day you want to feel good all over and also look amazing. Relax and look forward to our beauty experts creating customised hair and make-up for your big day in the exclusive salons of La Biosthétique.

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