White Wedding.

It begins with “Will you marry me?” and doesn’t end until you say “I do!” with a radiant smile: the preparations for your wedding. It is, unquestionably, the most beautiful day of your life and as you walk down the aisle as the most enchanting bride ever, there are also thousands of things to organise and pay attention to.

In addition to a breath-taking wedding dress, the most vital thing is your radiant appearance. There’s no other time that cleansing, clarifying, moisturising, plucking and care are performed with such dedication – in the name of love! To make sure you look your best on your big day, we have provided you with the best beauty tools …

Luxury Spa Oil

Letting loose or an up-do?

You’ve probably grown your hair for your perfect wedding hairstyle. It’s important for your hair to be in good condition. And that’s where the excellent multitalent Luxury Spa Oil comes in handy. An essential for every beautiful bride who would like shiny, healthy and perfumed hair. And if you have decided you don’t want a veil: the sensuous scent enrobes your hair in an aromatic veil – all day long!

Traitement Lèvres

Sealed with a kiss ...

the wedding kiss is the most important moment of your big day. And you will repeat it frequently. Reason enough to first treat your lips to an extra portion of care. Traitement Lèvres is a little lip miracle with an instant boosting effect. In a flash dry and chapped lips are transformed into beautifully cared for lips with a clear contour. This reduces creases and the lips look and feel fuller and firmer. The lip contour looks more clearly defined and the lip colour is more intense.

Summer Touch

A delicate tan always looks simply beautiful.

Particularly with a white wedding dress! The almost invisible texture of this compact summer make-up with SPF 30 enrobes the skin and enchants it with a delicately shimmering summer tan. Light-reflecting micropigments perfectly adapt to the skin tone and melt with it to create an incomparable complexion. And the little mirror compact is also wonderfully suited to keep in your wedding bag and practically refresh your complexion during the day.


On your wedding day, everyone wants to look at your new wedding ring.

Ensure your hands are the centre of attention ... Manicare is the perfect choice for you: an enchanting multitalent that is absolutely essential for a professional manicure. It features three aspects in just one beauty step: exfoliation, care and regeneration. This unbeatable active ingredient mix makes Manicare a real anti-aging pro that acts like a treatment to refresh your skin cells.

Now all that’s left is to say “I do!” - Havea lovely wedding!

The products for your wedding: