Winter care for the hair

Some hair problems only occur in winter. A few tips on how to solve these.

Split ends

For long hair these aren’t just a problem in winter, but it does often get worse during this season. Because pre-existing damaged hair lengths and tips get more brittle with central heating, split and sometimes break. Recommendation: Intensive Spa Mask from the special range Cheveux Longs is a regenerative treatment for stressed lengths. In addition, for the extremely sensitive tips you can use the care fluid Silky Spliss Repair.

Dry Dandruff

There is actually dandruff that only occurs due to central heating. And it’scaused not by the typical triggers for dandruff, but by a dehydrated scalp. The same phenomenonas with therough skin of face and body. How to solve this problem in suchcritical times: regular scalp care with Lotion Ergines B. This restores the scalp’s softness and instantly soothes itchiness and irritations. Shampoo recommendation: the ultra-mild Shampooing Lipokerine B with conditioning and calming panthenol.

Where did you get that hat?!

One of this season’s favourites. If only this didn’t ruin your hairstyle – hat versus styling. Little tip: whoever loveshats needs hair with aloose and natural fall. Strong hold productsare more of a hindrance because they will cause your hat to give you hat head. Soonly use flexible holdstyling products. Andwhat if you need more hold? Hoods are a good alternative.

Flyaway Hair

When hair lifts up, crackles when you comb it and is hard to style, this is mainly due to the dry as bone air in heated rooms which robs the hair of its moisture. This tends to affect fine, light hair more than thick hair. Two products that restore the moisture balance: the express spray treatment Tricoprotein Express and the deep-conditioning treatment Tricoprotein Masque. Also helpful: the moisturising mousse Fixateur Mousse for more stability and hold.