All about our Lipsticks

Almost every woman has one. Mostly she has several different ones. It gives us sensuality and can completely change the expression of an entire outfit: lipstick.

It’s available from light nude to striking blood red in a huge variety of textures and colours. Glossy and creamy, with or without a shimmer, particularly vibrant or extremely precise.   Which La Biosthétique lipstick is the right one for you?

The light one

Sensual Lipstick Glossy features fascinating and exciting reflective shine and rich colour brilliance. And it's available in a transparent colour with richly facetted, reflective shine particles.

The classic

Sensual Lipstick Creamy features an impressively pleasant texture and vibrant, expressive shades. Its high-quality ingredients are also intensively conditioning and protect the lips from damaging environmental influences and dehydration. 

The sparkling version

Sensual Lipstick Brilliant reflects the light and features impressive glitter particles and the finest mother-of-pearl.  Exclusive oils and rich waxes melt with intense colour pigments to form a unique and incomparable texture. 

The long-lasting version

True Color Lipstick, the vibrant lipstick, with his exquisite pigments contained in the lipstick provide an intense colour effect with impressive shine after just one application. 

The carer

Color Care Lipstick has brilliant shine and care in one. With its care core it protects the lips and provides moisture.

The decent version

Daily Care Lipstick supplies valuable moisture, intense care and wonderfully creamy wearing comfort. The lip care stick contains a gentle and luxurious conditioning cocktail to give the lips a daily treat and an ultimate pampering experience.

The shining one

Cream Gloss provides the lips with an intense and rich color and gives them a brilliant shine.

The mat

Sensual Lipstick Matte wraps the lips in a trendy matt finish in a single application. It impresses with its reliable covering power, a long-lasting colour result and its pleasantly soft feel.

To significantly increase the durability, dab the lips with a tissue after applying the lipstick, apply another layer of lipstick and repeat this a few times.