Beauty essentials

Absolutely essential for your daily make-up: the right tools that help us to apply eyeshadow, foundation, etc. and perfectly style the hair. 

For beautiful make-up you not only need products such as foundation, concealer, blusher, lipstick and mascara, but above all the right accessories. Because nothing works without the right make-up tools. They are like jeans and T-shirt in every wardrobe, simply essential basics in all well equipped make-up bags. We have listed here what you really need and what it is for: 

Make-up sponge

Use this practical make-up sponge to apply and blend liquid and dry foundations. The incredibly light texture makes it easier to achieve an even and natural result. 

Eyeshadow applicator

This special applicator can be used to apply all kinds of eyeshadow, both wet and dry: The rubber-like special foam has an extraordinary texture, picks up the colour pigments as best as possible and evenly distributes them on the eyelid. 

Eyebrow brush

More expression. More definition. More finesse. This synthetic fibre brush can be used to rapidly turn too light or overplucked brows into beautiful and perfectly curved arches.

Compact sharpener

This 2-in-1 sharpener is an essential aid for precisely sharpen your slim pencils as eye pencils and lipliners and also for wide concealer and eyeshadow pencils.


A good hairbrush is essential because it is supposed to style your hair and be gentle to your hair and scalp, too. The paddle brush is the perfect choice: this brush gently glides through your hair. Without tearing. Without hair breakage.

Tail comb

With a high-quality tail comb you can easily make a parting or back-comb the hair for more volume. The fine teeth gently glide through the hair and over the sensitive.

Nail buffer

Shine without chemicals: the nail buffer frees the nails from surplus skin, unevenness and discolourations. In addition, the nails are sealed and given a wonderful shine. 

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